Sunday, June 25, 2017

June 19, 2016

Hi Mom!                                                                                             June 19, 2017

This week:

Boat rides, Jessie's baptism, answering prayers, and what-have-you

 This week in Coulee Dam proved to be a spiritual overload! Whenever we went tracting it seems, we were able to talk to someone keenly interested, or serve them in some way or another! Tuesday we wound up helping a few lawn care guys with one of their jobs, which provided a nice break from the usual door knocking! Later than night, we got to travel to Keller, which allows us to ride the ferry. I think it goes to show how desperate we get for adventure sometimes, because for a simple boat ride it can feel pretty epic!

Jessie's baptism went phenomenal! Thanks for the prayers you put into it! She and Austin as well as the family were the first to show up, but in the course of the hour, seemed like half the ward arrived! It was almost hard fitting everybody into the small relief society room where the font was! But the spirit was so strong, during the whole service and particularly during the ordinance itself. Later on that evening, Bro. Kershaw ,her step dad, texted us and told us that while they were driving home, both she and Austin had this "burning" feeling in their hearts. The ward has helped us out so much in guiding them to have this relationship in Christ!

We also had a really cool experience that I can't pass down sharing. We were driving around trying by folks on the unassigned-home-teaching list, but to no avail. We drove by a potential investigator's home, named Phillip, and saw his door was open. Normally he works at the nearby Exon, so we decided after some consideration to pull in to see how he was doing. He wasn't on duty, so we went back to his apartment. Knocked on the door, and he comes around the corner, sees us, puts his hands on his head, looks up, and then proceeds to bear-hug both of us, exclaiming "Does God answer prayers, or what?!" As it turns out, he and his wife had had an argument that left him alone in the apartment, super-depressed. At that moment he felt like he needed God now more than ever in his life, so he was praying that God would send us because he had lost our number, and his phone was down. I guess we knocked shortly after he said that! I got to agree with him, God really did answer his prayer then! Talked with him, gave him hope, and in the end left him with a blessing. He also asked if we could find a ride for him to church, and not only did it work out so he could come on Sunday, the member who gave him the ride had a lot in common with him. God is good!

Other than that, we are holding together quite nicely here in Coulee Dam. I'm not going to lie, it's frightening that I have less weeks than I have fingers on one hand. Heck, if it wasn't for the schedule change at the MTC, it would be even sooner! But, the Lord has blessed us with so many abundance that it would be mockery to get trunky beyond working. That said, the full-throttle effort has been so awesome recently. I truly do love you all for the love and support that you guys have show me. I will continue to push forward hard to the end! Kind of like flying to the finish you know? So much so that you need to eject because you can't pull it back.

Anyway, cheesy rhetoric aside, love you all! I really do! I don't know what I would do without you guys.


Monday, June 12, 2017

June 12, 2017

Hey Mom!                                                                                                       June 12, 2017

This week:

 Dam tours, Waterfalls, Apostles and nothing too much else.

The classes look pretty good to me! But you know I kind of feel bad, and I guess I'll have the chance to do it when I'm off the mission, but at the same time I feel guilty for having you do my registration instead of myself doing it. Then again, I'm out here, and I think it's safe to say that there won't be anything from here that won't be affected by the lessons I've learned out here. Still! I'll let you know if I still want to take ROTC by 21 June. Talked to Mckay about it, and despite his gung-ho attitude he did mention it would be better to be commissioned than get drafted if that happened. But then there's Dad's council on it. I'll give some thought and prayer, but in the end I'll let you know!

I guess you've probably been able to learn from my last emails that Coulee Dam isn't the most exciting area for stories-worth-sharing. But you know with the past week, suffice to say, I can sum up in a nicely-lengthened but also brief message. For one, took the first course of My Plan. That was....nice I guess. Basically a summary of the greatest spiritual takeaways I've had on the mission so far. I've changed and learned a lot!

The Grand Coulee Dam tour that took place a week ago was nice, as dam tours go. The post 9/11 world doesn't allow for as much excitement as it used to, but for what it was it wasn't bad! Us along with Omak and Oroville showed up on the dot for the tour to meet our member connection/tour guide himself, Bro. Miller. And his absolutely adorable 5-year old daughter, Mia. Against better judgment I assumed that this would be a private tour, but we realized we were joining along with another tour. So we may or may not have crashed the totally normal scene when 8 Mormon missionaries got in with the rest of the group at the security checkpoint. We boarded the bus, drove to Pump plant III, took the elevator down, saw the main turbines, and then went back up to drive to another view point, and then it was over. Kind of anti-climatic if I'm honest, no frozen robots, aliens, or super humans hid down there. That we know of...*insert Twilight zone music

The next highlight of the week occurred when driving up to Grand Coulee, taking us past the dam itself. Before we had heard the sound of cascading water, and assumed it was just a few of the flood-ports open.

We were wrong, the entire spill way was flowing! And it had turned the face of the Dam into a sheer white face! Kind of threw us off guard, but it was waaaayyyy cool getting to see that. Kind of like a once-in-a-lifetime thing! Learned from Bro. Miller later told us that about 185 thousand gallons of water come off that every second, and while it may seem alarming, I did the math. It would still take a little under a week to lower Lake Roosevelt one foot at full pump. In other words, more water runs out of that thing than I've ever used in my life. Lot of water folks.

Between tracting and other things, got to meet a lady and her family who were interested in coming to a church, Jessie passed her interview for baptism, and on Saturday she and Austin were married in Montana! It's been really cool meeting with them, you can really see the change that's come over them because of the Gospel. Austin has opened up a lot ever since then, and we're looking forward to Friday for them as well!

Chances are the biggest highlight was when Elder Andersen came to Kennewick for the bi-mission conference. Oh mah golly, the Spirit was super strong! I wish I could pinpoint or at least summarize what we talked about, but overall he along with members of the seventy counseled us to really have faith and effort, we could hit 50 baptisms mission wide if we really dug down and went for the gold. We need to improve our overall OYM quality, and more or less have faith that we can do this. He also bore his apostolic witness, and I'll tell you, the spirit was super charging there! Now I know more than ever that God has called Apostles and Prophets to lead, guide, and direct us in these days. Unshakable hope, that's what it is! Because in the end He sent His son to save us and strengthen us to keep going!

Yeah, it was cut up pretty well this week. I'll be certain to let you guys know how the baptism on Friday goes! I'll just end with my testimony, that I know that this church is true, and that God lives and Christ His son has risen from the dead to help us be raised ourselves. He's called prophets and brought forth the Book of Mormon along with the Bible to lead us through life. And no matter how hard it gets to live, it will always be worth it to endure! 

Anyhoo, love you all! Glad to hear that you can feel my love when I'm away. I can feel yours too! Good luck with whatever project is going on, I'll be there to help, but for now, I need to help people feel the spirit so they can change their lives for the better, acting as a representative of Jesus Christ. 

Love you all!


June 5, 2017

Hey Mom!                                                                                           June 5, 2017

This week:

Funny phrases, and well..

Sorry to say, the past week wasn't terribly exciting as far as stories or anything like that goes. But it went well for what it was anyway!

I guess I could mention that we learned from transfer calls the official truth; I am staying in Coulee Dam for the last transfer, Elder Quast is the one who is to kill me. And as one member put it when I broke the news to him, I'm Dammed. Despite the rhetoric, we're actually looking forward to this next one. Because that gives us the chance to continue working with Jessie and Austin both leading up to and after the baptism. Scheduling with them is a fun game because they have their wedding this weekend in Montana, and then Jessie's baptism on the 16th. It's hectic, but she is super committed to do this! And Bro. Kershaw is there to explain things to her when we're not! 

Geeze, it's funny thinking it's been 23 months since I first came out. Even crazier to see life continuing to roll on after this one. But don't worry, I have no aspiration to get trunky anytime too soon. I haven't started My Plan quite yet but I am looking forward to it, I guess. Quast is happy because it means an extra hour to do something for him. Can't blame him. I think My Plan in essence is the how-to guide to make sure that you know how to date and all that for when you get off.

Meh, whatever it is, it'll be fun!

A few fun things now that I think about it. We had a few of those 4th-floor-last-door moments. The prominent one being when we knocked out an entire block or two, we ran into Matt and Liz, who are moving to Henderson. I related to them well for that, and they asked us if for the sake of time they could take a pamphlet. Hopefully the Plan of Salvation will ring something in them! We also volunteered our efforts to help pack too.

 During the knocking process I stepped out of the box and tried a few new things. For one, I asked a kind lady named Becky that even though she wasn't interested if we could lighten her day with a corny joke. She said it would be fine, and so it went a little something like:

"whaddya call a guy who assists farmers?"

"A Pharm-assist!"

*insert the joke drum

Turns out, she told us, that actually lightned up her day. Also got the opportunity to "think" a little in between doors. A member in the ward gave us the idea, and after adapting it to my personality, I gave it a try:

"I'm not interested boys, you're 7th-day..(looks at tags), Mormons!..."

"Yes sir, but I'm also a Christajewislamhuist. Just want to be right, you know?"

*closes door.

Also helped Bill and Megan move heavy furniture. That was fun because Tombstone was playing on their TV as we were moving stuff out into the trailer. Tender Mercies you know. Also went by a PI's home in Nespelem and met Travis instead, a Flat Head Indian who lives there now. Turns out he was super interested in learning more about what Mormons believe, because he's had a lot of LDS friends in Montana, but never talked to them about it. Cool!

And apart from getting eaten alive by flies on a couple occasions, the week progressed as they normally do. Jessie and Austin came to church, and we were able to teach them about Tithing as well! And it all ended on cake and milk too, so what can I say? The week was pretty awesome!

But above all else, Love you all! I'm glad to see you guys got the deal for the water fountain in Vegas. I'm certain it'll look lovely in the yard. Youth conference also sounded like fun, along with the Temple work too! Funny you mention Elder Ence, there's and Elder Ence in out mission who is a humor swag-machine. And yeah, I love reading the Book of Mormon for studies. And the Bible too! I often find myself saying stuff like, "gee, Alma and Paul would really hit it off you know?" Still, ready to hit the last one hard! This is going to be one heck of a transfer!

Yeah, and at the end of it, there's chick-fil-a and a chipotle burrito waiting! But more importantly, I will have done my duty and honored the Lord's name. And the family's on that note. More importantly, doing the Lord's work. He's saved me so many times from stupidity, and doing this thing for two years is the least I could do to repay Him for it. There's life ahead in His service you know! 

Love you all!


and a couple of pics too:

Me 'n FDR, Smokey's fat cousin, and a baby bull snake. Because you know, snakes.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

May 29, 2017

Hey Mom!                                                                                           May 29, 2017

I'm glad you found that picture inspiring. To be honest, there was actually a guy coming right up that road so we had to book it back to the car after it took so we could avoid looking funny. But then again, as you saw, there wasn't life for miles around so I can't say there were too many witnesses to that moment of sentiment.

Hope you and Dad are able to get the deck done well! Sorry to hear that there aren't Elders to help you out, but I'm certain the Sisters would be more than happy too! Correct me if I'm wrong, but there are Sisters in the ward right? Or maybe I was mistaken. Either way, you'll have my service when I get back for those jobs! I've learned to appreciate hard work. Play has it's time after the job's done.

On that note, I actually had a bit of a throwback this past week helping an elderly member in the ward, Bro. Bastian. He was finishing up a wall he was building, and needed to install the last blocks before his time for the trailer he hauled them in expired. So we got there, and sure enough, they were the 50 lbs cinder block type. Fortunately there wasn't 16 pallets of them, only about a dozen or so. Elder Quast wheel-barrowed three at a time while I grabbed two in each hand. Heh heh, brought back memories, all I needed was that auzi wide-brim I used to wear! Got the blocks in place and finished off the wall in a matter of minutes! The Bastians were really appreciative. He got radiated the 2nd time in treatment for his cancer a few days back, so we are keeping him in our prayers.

As you probably received from Sis. Lewis, interviews went incredibly well! I really love Pres. and Sis. Lewis, particularly in the time they take to come way up North to see us individually. Sis. Lewis left us with some forms about tips to being a more likeable person. I would also like to give my personal thanks to you, Mom, for helping me love all of God's children. You have a very wonderful talent for that.

Work wise, Jessie and Austin and still doing incredible! She has an outstanding support system in her family whenever she has questions. We also had a very cool finding experience too! After a brief prayer, we were getting out of our car to try by a potential investigator, a lady named Missy pulled out of her driveway and as she was passing us stopped and asked us if we were Jehovah's Witnesses. After correcting her, she asked us if we could come bay the next day, and so we did. We got to meet wit her and learn her backstory. She's had it rough in life, and consequently wonders now more than ever if there is a God who loves her. We testified to her that God does indeed love her, and Christ suffered personally for her. Mid-conversation she told us that she felt impressed to stop us that previous day, and was actually surprised we came by like we said we would. To her, her attitude didn't seem like something we'd want to come back too. But she told us that she really appreciated us coming to talk to her. That was cool!

Also had one of our investigators, Chris, come to church yesterday. He's a former Bering Sea fisherman, and he's always been wary about churchy things. But you know,  he really enjoyed it! It was the first time Elder quorum had their own separate meeting, and since there's only 5 of us, it made for a very open environment that Chris could ask questions and feel open to speak. In the end, he really liked it, even added onto the closing prayer at the end. Go spirit!

I'll conclude by saying that Summer is gearing up here. Consequently there's a lot more tourists coming and going. A lot more people out on the lake tubing or skiing. It's inviting, no doubt, but the work here is just as refreshing. The Lord's really helping us out here, and every day I feel like there's something fun to do. Some days slower than others, no doubts, but the work effort here is real and divine. Not that we're doing anything with these people, but being worthy windows to the Spirit who teaches them the truth. It's such a wonderful thing teaching people how to receive that revelation in their lives, and then to help them gain testimony that God has restored his Gospel, along with prophets and apostles to guide us today. It's a pretty cool world we live in!

Other than that, I love you much dear Mom! Thanks for all the support that you've sent and I'll be certain to work hard until this is all said and done! Give Tom and Evan my thanks and regards!

Love you,

Monday, May 22, 2017

May 22, 2017

This week:

Magnificence, free ice cream and dang-good bacon!

It's cool to hear that you met Sis. Hopkins at the temple! I can't say that I ever knew her much though. It also sounds like despite you guys being empty nesters, you're finding a lot of opportunities to house folks. I guess you guys are situated pretty well though, given being between Las Vegas and the Northern counties. Hearing about that High School choir and the service melodies did bring back a few memories. But mostly the knowledge that the End-of-year Banquet occurred on Saturday, which is signaling that another school year is coming to an end. Well, that was fast...

In terms of life up here, things went supercalifragilistic! Of course, there were the downer moments at the beginning. But by overcoming, life was pretty good!

It's kind of hard to think of a place to start, but on Tuesday we got to see Bill and his GF Megan. We weren't able to get through the whole Restoration with him, but he super-promised us that he would read the pamphlet before we went back tomorrow. You could tell that what the Spirit was telling him had an impact on his heart, even though he had some questions that still needed answers. Then right after that got together with Bro. Miller and hit the road to Wilbur to meet with Jessie and Austin, the unbaptized daughter and fiancé of the Kershaw family.

And let me tell you, that, was an awesome lesson! Jessica already has expressed that she wants to be baptized! Turns out her Mom was actually a convert (something I did not know about Sis. Kershaw), and at her baptism Jessie felt the spirit tell her that this was the path for her. Everything about the Restoration just came too for her, and she totally accepted to work towards June 17 to be baptized, it being a week after she and Austin get married. He is also keenly interested, and while he's not on-board as his fiancé, you could tell that the Spirit was working on him pretty well. And then they, along with Nakai, made it to church yesterday! Jessica even participated in Gospel Principles with enthusiasm. Go humanity!

Mitzi is still doing really well too! We're helping her overcome the time barriers stopping her from reading The Book of Mormon. And she really appreciates that as well! You know it's funny, given her age, we had supposed that Mitzi was the matriarch for the Nanamkin family, a very well-known Native name up here. We actually tracted into her niece, Leslie a few days back. And while our affiliation with Mitzi wasn't the main reason for a great contact-turned Potential Investigator, it was cool to see how us knowing her helped us there.

The rest of the week saw more driving. I think you would really like it up here Mom. Once you ascend to the top of the valley you get a view of rolling grass fields and big sky. Makes for some pretty good sunset pictures! One of our travels took us to Coulee city. On top of killing a bird on the way down (oops), tracting there only ran us into the abrasive and uninterested. Seeing a few of our PI's there helped us feel better, but while heading back North we decided to stop to get gas and ice cream. It hit just the spot! Adrian, the guy who manned the counter, told us his step-Dad was LDS, and he really likes what we do, and the fry cook there also told us that. Then he paid for the ice cream too! Then I'll just make mention of the dinner last night at the Getchers home, who literally live on the river next to the mission boundaries.

I'll tell you this much, hearing those waves crash on the river shore brought back memories of McCall. And then they served us some of the best bacon I think I've ever had. Oooohhh man that was good bacon! They even gave me the recipe too! I'll be certain to save it for the reunion or something. Yeah, life is good here in Coulee Dam. Tomorrow at interviews, for the sake of kicks and giggles, I think I'll ask President if I could go to the Coulee Dam July 4th fireworks show. Just a thought, but we'll see what happens. Until then, know that I love you all. It was so amazing to talk to you guys on Mother's Day! I guess back at Christmas I did say how May was a while away. Well heck, now there's July. Still, the Lord's going to do some pretty incredible things here then and beyond. 

Until then, love you all!


Thought I'd include a more formal pic with a more un-formal one. That's My Plan (post-mission prep training) that came up on my portal as I logged onto emails this morning.

Monday, May 8, 2017

May 1, 2017

Hey Mom!                                                                                           May 1, 2017

This week:

You know, there wasn't too much excitement unlike the last few weeks, sorry.

But still! Life here in Coulee Dam was pretty good to us the past week. Between knocking doors, driving out to places, and enjoying the spring blossoms, life is beautiful! I feel like spring took a long time to get here since last time it came. Probably because a lot of stuff happened in the year that occurred. But, then is then, and now is now. Right now things are great!

I guess you could say the biggest highlight came from when we traveled to Chelan for p-day last week. And you know, that was a much appreciated change of scenery. Mountains, lakes, and hills all make for a very nice view!

The transfer itself proved smooth and hitch-free. Elder Quast got here from Moses on time, and so far we get along outstanding! He hails from Phoenix, AZ, making him my 3rd comp. from the Southwest.  Since both of us served in Moses it gives us a common ground of things. We were able to see Mitzi and read 3 Nephi 11 with her, and she liked it a lot. It's fun testifying about the Book of Mormon, there aren't too many other times in history one could do that. While we were driving around another time we got the impression to go try by a potential investigator named Janet. In Coulee there are a lot of folks who tell us to come by again, but we are never able to see them. But we just so happened to see Janet and she set up a solid return appointment. Cool!

Tracting was tracting. But we met some pretty nice folks there as well. Teaching Nakai is super simple, and it may take a little longer than we thought before we can set a baptismal date. Due to his family situation, it's hard for his great-grandmother alone to bring him to church and be his solid support. Ay, ay ay, but even if it takes a while, we'll roll with it. This is the Lord's timing, not ours!

But he did come to church! And Mitzi too! As a matter of fact she brought her sister, Tina, and another friend, Alex, with her! The ward loved her right off the spot, and you could tell that she really enjoyed it. We were also informed by a member of the ward that they have a child and spouse who are interested in learning more, and they were there too! Got to say hello to them, Jessie and Austin. Hopefully we can start teaching them soon! 

Yep, God's been pretty good to us here. And I have to say the highlight of every week is when I get to hear from you guys. Thanks for all the support in the letters and notes. Feels like all the stops are being pulled out for the last part of this crazy mission, and I feel like the Lord's really helping us out here right now. And I can't wait for Mother's day too! Holy smokes, it's already May. Feels like December was yesterday. Stay safe out there!

Love you,


May 8, 2017

May 8, 2017

I guess I could also give you the update on the week like I normally do. So...

This week:

Hospital scrubs, "the closest to swimming...," breaking 80, meeting the people, and the torturous-two!

Kind of like last week, the previous one saw it's fair share of action and in-action. Which is good as far as the work perspective goes, so I guess I can't really complain!

During those action parts we had a couple of fun experiences. One of which required us and Bro. Reese, our member split, to drive to the hospital to visit a Less-Active member of the ward who had been admitted. We were just about to walk into her room when a nurse told us we had to dress up in disposable clothing used to block contagious diseases. So we each had to dress up in these paper-like scrubs along with gloves and a small breathing mask. Linda, the gal who we were visiting, admitted the get-up seemed unnecessary, but safety first, I guess. I suppose it was foreshadowing my future career or something. 

In our weekly service, we found ourselves helping Bro. Foster out again by rolling the tarp back on his pool. Now I've never worked in pool maintenance, and I always assumed that every pool is drained and re-filled every spring. I was wrong, it was still quite full. And don't worry I didn't accidentally jump in thinking it was an empty skate-rink. Even then, while the water was clearer than I thought it would be, it was less than inviting. It had become a burial-at-sea for hundreds of worms, on top of (or rather, underneath) the floating shrubbery that had fallen in from rolling the tarp back. We got a couple of nets and started fishing out all the floaties. And at one point mine disconnected at the middle and I had to plunge my arm into the water to grab the sinking end! 'Bout the closest to swimming I've come too do out here. Still, not as trunked out for swimming as much as Elder Vejnar is probably getting at this point.

After hooking a hose up to Bro. Foster's shop-vac, we started siphoning the pool at a snail's pace. Which didn't bother us, it's not like we were staying there for the whole day. But we did notice that the temperature had broken 80 degrees that day. Not as hot as it could be, but a prelude to the impending Summer. A lot of the Spring blossoms are starting to disappear and be replaced by green leaves. Which is a lovely sight. And it seemed like everyone else was feeling it too!

Despite that, tracting efforts have seen some great success! But as tracting goes it came after a lot of trying. We met a lot of different people with even more different backgrounds, attitudes, and mindsets. Heh heh, at one point we were raking leaves and started hearing this guy in a truck ranting up a storm at our car we had parked on the side of the road. Due to some hedge in-between us the fellow didn't see us. But by his language it was clear he knew who we were. So to avoid confrontation, we decided to preemptively confront him. And he drove away as soon as we came around the corner. There was a native veteran who had listened to this guy standing there. He told us kindly that some guys get upset whenever we park there because it causes them to slow down to fit their rig and whatever-they're-towing to fit the gap.

I'm not certain why I just told that story. But oh well.

Anyhoo, we also got to teach a new guy named Collin, and he's super cool! He has a lot of faith in God, and he related really well with Joseph Smith because they're both New Yorkers who had questions about which religion was right! During another instance we had tried by a potential investigator, only to find that he wasn't home but his neighbor had just pulled up. I think the Spirit whispered to us to go talk to him, and you know, he was really cool! Alex was his name, and we shared the Prince of Peace video with him. Set up a time to meet again!  Right place, right time.

Yep, we crashed a few parties as well. Catching a LA family named the Boyers during a social get-together. I think Daniel, the dad, was a little tipsy, because he took us on a tour of his lawn and asked us where we were from 3 times. But he wanted us to come by for Wednesday for dinner, so we'll see how that goes! And to cap it all off, we had the Barry's for dinner yesterday, and they had 6 of their kids home for a baptism, and consequently about another 20 cousins there between the ages of 4 and 6. It was hectic, but their parents made a pretty awesome family of siblings. Kind of reminded me of Daniel, Brooke, and Paul. Give my love to them!

And other than that, we had a good week. May not have been groundbreaking, but I can say that we did out best out there. I hit 22 months yesterday so that brings us in for the final 2 months left. Weird. But life is awesome in Coulee Dam right now, so I'm certain it's going to be a blast! Thanks again for all you guys do to help out. And you know, I guess I'll be talking to you on Sunday! Love you all though! Keep up the outstanding work!


on June 10 they're having a mission conference for all missionaries in the Yakima and Kennewick mission in Tri-cities next to the temple. There will be a member of the Twelve and Seventy addressing us! I'm so excited for it! But I'm just as excited every week to hear from you guys too. I love this Gospel, and I know that this is Christ's true and living church on the Earth today. Otherwise, I don't know where I’d be in life. It wouldn't be as great as it is now, and as it always will be with you guys!  Love you!

Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24, 2017

Hey Mom!                                                                                          

This week:

Finding Mae, finding swords, the river ferry, and out in the woods!

You know, I wouldn't mind living with other dudes for housing. It would be nice to know who they were and what their personalities are like, but I can cut it. Dorm life wouldn't be too bad either. But addressing your question from last week, I have to say I actually enjoy cooking! I'm no expert chef. But it's fun, I'm not going to lie.

But still, you will never believe what happened this past week, because it was pretty epic!

Or at least, I say that with the work perspective in mind. After a failed attempt to contact one of our potential investigators, we felt it best to tract the trailer park where we were at. A few doors in, we met a nice lady named Mae, who is recovering from back sugery. She has faith and family central to her life, having raised 4 sons herself, and family living in the trailers around her. She also had a late brother who was a member of the church, but he had never talked to her about it, so she was curious. So we set a return appointment, and when we went back, things just fell, into, place. Like kid you not, the spirit just lined it up for us! Inspired questions led to her asking even more inspired questions, and the members who came with us bore powerful and wonderful testimony. At one point Mae asked us if it was the right thing to do to pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ. Sweet! And as we covered the Restoration she asked "so does this make Joseph Smith a modern-day prophet?" And then when we talked about the Book of Mormon, she took a copy of it and the Bible, plus the members helped download the GL app to her I-pad! She told us that she wouldn't be able to do church that week, but would try to come in the following weeks. And in the end, she accepted a baptismal commitment for the 27th of May.

Go humanity!

We also got the chance to see Mitzi and Nakai, and they're doing superb as well. Also learned that Elder Saitman is going to be transferred out and I'll be serving with a certain Elder Quast, who I served around in Moses Lake. Chances are he'll be my last companion. And I'm looking forward to it!

The rest of the week had some funny and interesting experiences. While helping Bro. Foster again with his interior remodeling, we did a lot of furniture moving. And while moving things around, we found a broadsword that he owned. Of all things! I'll let the pictures summarize what we did with them after that.

We also had the chance to use the Keller River Ferry, the only boat we are allowed to use in the whole mission. And consequently, the only boat I've been on in almost 2 years. It was, well, a boat ride. The owner of the other car we were ferrying with talked to us. I think she tried to anti us, but it became clear to her and us that that was quite unnecessary, so we had a nice conversation about the usual conservative rant of deteriorating moral standards and whatnot. Meh, whatever.

And I can finally say now that we ventured our to the middle of teh boonies on teh edge of the mission. Another part of the reservation up in the mountains. Still! For what we did tract up there we got to meet a lady named Judy, who talked with us for an hour about life, art, and Gospel subjects. Nothing too exciting, but it always warmed my heart to meet nice people. Nice people are always much more friendly than mean people. I guess you could say that's my obvious statement of the day.


Guard the bread   the 12 mile road    swordplay (and comp. inventory in a nutshell)    and the ferry pic!

Sunday, April 23, 2017

April 17, 2017


This week:

Furniture moves, drug busts, finding and teaching, and tree-cutting-throwbacks!

I loved Easter as well! I'll definitely add my testimony that our Savior lives, and because of that, we all will live again!

Not certain if you got that picture that Sis. Churchill sent out last week of me underneath the floorboards, but like she said, the week started off by helping their family move furniture out of their home, which was severely damaged by water leak over their vacation. She and her sister live there with Bro. Churchill, and they are direct descendants of the original homesteaders. While there we also got the scoop on Syria and Korea, seems like the nation's gearing up again.

We also had a humorous experience worth sharing. We went by a LA family in Nespelem who we are working with. Only the youngest kid was there and said that we could try back a different time. When we were walking off their porch I noticed movement in their van that was parked on the driveway, and after approaching it we discovered that the rest of the boys in the fam were in there. Their cover blow, they opened the doors and we discovered that they were about to light up their weed so they could get high before shooting some hoops (they confessed they had literally nothing else to do)! We talked with them for a brief moment, mostly about high-school fights and other life-drama. But in the end we told them the weed stuff wasn't too good for them. Still, kind of funny to catch them right before that!

The rest of the week panned out alright, and we got to meet Nakai, the great-grandson of Sis. Cook, an elderly lady in the ward. He is 9, and he told us that he wants to get baptized! But the first lesson did confirm to us that we need to work on teaching simply a whole lot better! Heck, teaching in general, because we haven't had too many experiences teaching so far. But that's about to change too! Because in the past week or so we've had some serious finding-blessings. It's been a mission regulation to tract for at least an hour a day. And you know, every time we did, something happened! In Colville we got to meet with an elderly couple named Daniel and Patty, who after discussion accepted a Book of Mormon and Plan of Salvation pamphlet. Another occasion at 8:35ish led us to meet a young father Jaron who totally said we could come back in a genuine manner (I'm glad Elder Saitman convinced me to go into the evening that late), so we left him a Restoration pamphlet! A few days later we got in with an elderly retired hunter named Richard who was open to a spiritual thought. And after a lengthy conversation (he's a talker) he took a Book of Mormon and Restoration pamphlet too! And to top it off, we ran new potential investigator in Coulee City at the bottom of our area. So hopefully we can get something going across all the towns we are in. Still have yet to contact Mitzee though.

It was nice, it really was! On Saturday we were enlisted by a few brethren in the ward to go help out Garth Miller, a less-active but pretty cool guy, who had a tree fall on his garage. Since we couldn't get on the roof we resorted to hauling off the logs that the other guys cut off. Reminded me a lot of the wood parties! Until my back pulled. That hurt. But it came too in time for us to get most of the tree cut off and hitching the main trunk to Bro. Bond's Tundra. Only problem was the tree was wire-wrapped to a fence that wasn't budging. So after another hour of cutting, unraveling, come-alonging and more cutting, we finally pulled the big ole-thing off, partially irrigating his lawn in the process. He didn't seem to mind, it's a country home. Why we didn't just go get a grinder to but through the main wire, I have no clue. Everyone thought if we went for it we'd figure it out by the time we'd get back.

Still, it was fun working with wood again! But even better with what we have lined up for this week. I'm looking forward to it I'm not going to lie! But until then, know I love you all. Don't know how I'd be able to do all of this if it wasn't for you guys. I've really come to appreciate prayer. I've learned that taking time after prayer to listen for answers goes a long way. It's hard for the spirit to speak to you when you're out immediately doing something. Just a thought, and I hope it can help.

Love you!


Friday, April 14, 2017

April 9, 2017

Hey Mom!                                                                               April 9, 2017

This week:

The trunky call, meeting Mitzee, goin' down the right roads, and playing archaeology!

I'm still trying to fathom the fact that I don't live in Vegas anymore. Thing is, I don't really think I'll miss Vegas itself as a town, the people definitely though. But I still tell folks I'm from Vegas because I don't want to fall into the "I'm from Utah..." boat that a lot of other missionaries do in the WYM. And I'm also certain that you and Brooke are going to have a great time in Ireland! Are you going to be doing any sort of Family History work while there? I don't think we have any Irish blood, but I figured you would know more than I know. I'm still wondering if Daniel is aspiring to go to Rome for the temple dedication, whenever that will be.

You know, I don't really know what to talk about this time. To be honest with you, this past week seemed like it would take forever to pass, and now it has. Funny how time works that way. Not as much excitement as the previous week no doubt. But there was still a good amount of good things happening!

I guess before I forget, I got my trunky call on Friday. I already informed you on what they asked, but hearing Sis. Call from the office ask if I knew what school I was attending, when I reported, how much my bags needed to weigh for the airline, ticket intel, etc. Yeah, I had always wondered what getting the call would feel like, but it wasn't that bad. Still, it reminded me of the impending future. Oh boy...

Still! The next day we got to go out to Omak for our Zone Training Meeting. "Bro-mak" Zone is an Elders-quorum, no sisters serve here. Haven't been part of one since Yakima. But it was great being able to meet with all the guys for the meeting. A lot of teachings about talking less and listening and doing more with our investigators. We also were told to cut back using the words "cool" and "like." That's going to take some grit. On the way back we stopped at Nespelem. After things there fell through, we opted to go try by the folks who said we could come back. Ultimately this led us back to Joe, and this time his mother answered. And whaddya know, she let us right in! Joe was sober again, and he showed now changed emotions towards us. Turns out his Mom, Mitzee, loves the missionaries! She came from Yakima, and she met with them down there. Uncertain how much she's been taught, but she told us that she would read the Book of Mormon that we left with Joe before! She also really wants to help Joe get over his alcohol problems, and in the end she told us that we were "always welcome to come by." In a way, she reminded me a lot of Grandma Camit!

Go humanity!

Later on, we found ourselves tracting in Electric City. If I can confess, I've been falling behind in the 1-hour a day of tracting we do in the mission. Felt good being back knocking doors again. The funny looks, blank stares, and other emotions are pretty timeless. My favorite is when folks stare at the tag first just to make sure we're the Mormon missionaries before shutting the door. Part of me has always wanted to say "You wanna buy some jerky?" but I figured it wouldn't really help us get in much. Still, after going down one road we noticed a small apartment complex yonder. We decided to go knock on the doors there, but after going around the corner of the building to get to the staircase, we noticed a guy blue-taping the Chevy logo on his Cruze. I hate Chevy Cruzes. Still, talked to the guy, and turns out he's a less-active fellow named Michael! Great fellow, he's a native who joined the church a few years back. We didn't know he lived there, so we got the chance to share the Prince of Peace initiative with him. The really cool part was that after sacrament meeting the next day, his grandmother approached us and told us that his son, Sikai, got permission to be baptized! So now we can go over to teach them!

On the service note of things, we got to help some of our investigators fill in a trench that had washed out part of their walkway. Filling the trench was easy, because part of the job was to un-earth a buried stair-case underneath the walkway. That brought back memories, digging a big hole into the dirt. Eventually we hit the staircase, only to find it stopped after three steps. But still, it was fun thinking to myself maybe there's something exciting to discover if we just removed a few feet of dirt! Sorry, no lost cities. Just dirt and a half-done stair-case. And a gas line too. Nuts.

Other than that, there's not too much else happening right now. We had some pretty cool teach-people-not-lessons in Coulee City, and I'll just briefly say that sometimes, the spirit prompts you to say something unusually simple, when that question opens up into something even larger. I also learned that Turkey-vultures are big birds. And also got the chance to tell an old vet thanks for his service. He seemed to soften up from it. God bless out servicemen.

I hope you guys get to completely move into the home without any catastrophe! I still find it funny that I I'm not there to help you guys out with it. But soon enough I'll be able to help out again! Looks like you guys get about 1 month and a half before I'll be needing to go to school. I've met a lot of guys out here going to Idaho, so hopefully I'll see them there. I'll always love you guys for all you've done to help out! Got to finish strong though. Everyone take care though, and don't forget to appreciate being able to travel. We are isolated here in Coulee, but dang! It is awesome.

Love you all!


Monday, April 3, 2017

April 3, 2017

Hey Mom!                                                                                           April 3, 2017

This week:

Hanging with John, mountain routes, back to city, and good ole' Joe!

Well, hearing about Makayla's pregnancy didn't throw me for a curve-ball as much as I thought it would. If anything, it was more like a fast-ball. 

When do you get to go to Ireland? That will be a fun trip, glad you're getting some local tips from the senior RM's, but I'm certain you and Brooke will have a great time! I guess Brooke always has connections of some kind that get her places. I wonder where she, or you both, will go next?

Coulee Dam is holding up well. Which is good, otherwise we're probably dead. But the work is going well too! 

The past week was definitely amazing as far as action and variety goes. On Tuesday we were doing some tracting in Nespelem, the Colville reservation. For the overall feeling of the day, mixed with the clouds, things seemed pretty dull. The folks we did talk too were kind and welcoming though, and at one point we got to share a brief thought with an elderly man and his brother. But what was funny was that while walking back down the street, we crossed paths with a certain man named John, who was clearly blazed. Still, he was about and started talking to us, and I guess he was the "tough" guy of the town or something, because he said we could go with him around to see some guys he knew. He also asked if we were thirsty or anything, and I said water would be nice. So we walk up to a random door and he knocks once and then enters, us trailing him. Turns out it was his sister's home, and while we were talking to his sister, he came back with a beer-cup full of water. Meh, works. While drinking it his aunt(?) came out from her room and scolded him for letting us in with him, and also that he was allowing me to drink part of his booze. We assured her it was just water, which still didn't calm her agitation. That's when his cousin arrived and joined our group, and before leaving he passed what looked like a couple grams of weed to his sister like it was a grocery delivery.

Anyway, we tagged with him for only a few more doors, all or which were family that he thought needed " a saving message." In the end, we along with his cousin had a small freestyle-rap session with another one of his bros, and for the first time in the whole mission I finally got to drop a few rhymes for some street-cred. Thank you, CCSD, for teaching me how to speak around friendly hoodlums. Don't worry I didn't condescend to their level of language.

After that incident there wasn't too many other exciting things going down. At one point Saitman and I decided we'd try by Keller, a super small town that is only accessible by ferry or super small dirt roads. Well, the ferry's out of commission, so we decided to go for a brief trail ride. Only problem was 7 or so miles up into the hills later the signs disappeared and the road started to fork. Classic. Eventually we got out by backtracking, but one of these days I'd like to go back up there to see where those old dirt roads lead to in the mountains! Or...maybe I don't. Either way, when we got back to the Colville Indian Agency (a small town near the start of the trails), we noticed a small housing community we never had seen before. Knocked a few doors to not much avail. We decided to come back sometime.

Thursday's temple trip was amazing! It was the first small temple I've ever been too, but a temple nonetheless. Turns out the temple president was Greg's former mission president! Asked him if he knew a certain Elder Cox, and he only had good things to say about him! The session was lovely, and the spirit was very abundant. I had some good impressions that the Temple is where I need to be when that time comes, so I think I'll start spending more time serving there when I return. On the way back, for the first time in 2 years, we got to go to Costco with the member who took us. Bro. Foster only had to get a few doggy items, but I finally got to quench the great soft-served-swirl drought that has been lingering for a while now. As a matter of fact, like Tri-cities, going to Spokane was stepping back into a city. Which was weird. Really weird. But nice as well!

General conference was great too! And yes, I loved the talk that was pointed towards the investigators. I also loved Elder Renlunds and all of Elder Eyring's addresses too! Grateful for prophets and apostles, what can I say? Gospel's got to be revealed some way or another. Afterwards, we got to go back to the housing development mentioned earlier, and while knocking doors, we were able to set up a return appointment with a fellow interested in family history, prayers will help! And then we knocked on a door, and a fellow named Joe stepped out, and he was drunk. It was hard getting anything through to him, but after he rambled for a little bit, he actually let us in! He was watching the North Carolina and Oregon game, and after talking to him a little bit about the game and the final four, he actually asked for stuff to read! So we gave him a Book of Mormon with a Restoration pamphlet, and he said he'd leave them for his Mom, who lives with him. Unconventional, but you know, the Lord has a way of getting things across to people. I got a good hunch this will come to something!

Yeah, it was a funny week. I guess another small little moment of sentiment was having a dog tract with us whenever we went out. That was nice! A lot of travel later, and here we are again. But I'm always happy to hear from you guys every week. I do hope that you have a wonderful week, dear Mom. Please congratulate Makayla and Wyatt (if she said yes) for me! Wow, feel like Fiddler on the Roof already, time seems to pass super slowly but also super quickly as well. Cool to see how the Gospel of Jesus Christ outlives it all. He does live, and I'm super glad to represent Him now. I don't think there's any other thing I'd be doing right now. I guess it's my calling after all, but it's cool to see it be your life. Really changes a lot about you. I'll be doing a better job trying to see people how Christ sees them.

Phew, long email! But it was a good week. Thanks again for all you guys do and have done to help out. Love you all!


Sunday, April 2, 2017

March 27, 2017

Hey Mom!                                                                                           March 27, 2017

This week:

Road trips and Jacob's baptism!

I hope you guys enjoy the new home! I'm really looking forward to see what it looks like. And congrats on finding the remote! Funny how things wide up in the oddest places sometimes. Also good to see I was in good standing with Bro. Barry. In my defense, I've opened up a lot with regards to social life, but I guess you could say I still like to remain low-key in public. But not as bad as I used to be, I'll assure you of that! And I hate to say it, but I may have forgotten my BYU-I account login info. But if I was me, which...I am, then it's probably one of four universal sets I usually just keep. I'll send a list of them.

To answer your question regarding my driving experience, Coulee is actually the first area I have had a for-sure-this-car-is-yours-forever car area. Everywhere else was either share-car or by foot. And even then I've only driven in two of those. I've learned that corolla's aren't too bad for what they are, and Chevy Cruze's have the touchiest brake system in the history of brakes. You know, it's funny, when I get back it will be the first time in my life I've ever solo-driven (if you recall I got my license two days before 7 July).

Going off of that, the past week saw a lot of miles used up. Last P-day we drove up to Omak, which is 112 miles there and back, and then in following days we covered basically our entire area length wise, going down to Coulee city, Almira, and other way-out there Kane-county like towns. And you know, it was a lot of fun! Going out to Wilbur goes about 25 miles, 12 of which are in a straight-shot down a gradual slope. If that part of Washington wasn't so flat it would've made a fantastic view, but it is green!

The good Lord blessed us in those travels, because when we got to our destinations we were able to actually accomplish something. Whether or not it was contacting a LA family or tracting, something came to something! And when we drop a total average of 110 miles a day, that's a pretty good tender-mercy. In Almira we tracted into a nice man named Don, who accepted a Restoration pamphlet whole heartedly, and even pointed us to his neighbor, who also opened up to us when we said we can serve them! Wilbur, we got to meet an awesome family by the name of the Caudells, and their massive great-dane, Paw. They met with us before, and said we can come back on Tuesday. And in Coulee city we got to visit other LA members who recieved us warmly, and then tract fresh ground, ultimatley having a nice conversation with a lady named Normagene who had a strong testimony of God's love. Cool!

We also got to go to interviews with President and Sister Lewis on Wednesday, taking us back to Omak, and while talking to President he gave me personal thanks for helping out Elder Mayes the way I did last transfer. It was good hearing that he appreciated my efforts that way. And on the subject of Mayes, I actually got to see him again at Jacob's baptism on the 25th. It was kind of awkward, last I saw him I said, "see you July." But he seemed to be doing alright. Jacob and Natalia's whole family from 1st ward showed up, and it was also good to see Bishop Allred and the other guys there too. Overall, the spirit was super strong. I told Jacob to let me know when he and Natalia go to be sealed, and I would try to make it. I just hopes he remembers to keep coming to church, but sis. Banks and Haggett will do a good job of that I can tell! Their sit-rep from Moses 4th and 7th was pretty positive! I also gave a pack of the jerky to Jacob and his best friend/redneck cohort, Rilen. I'm sure they'll like it!

Other than that, we helped a member paint his house interior, helped other members out with moves, and saw a fair amount of sunshine and rain. I guess you could say that the 2-month long overcast has moved on, and looking forward to spring. And Easter too! We're going to be rolling out with the new initiative soon, so what better way to celebrate Christ's victory over death than being out here to share about it! This next week will probably be a grand-slam of events, we have out temple trip on Thursday to Spokane, General Conference, and the new initiative too! Things are looking up for us here. I can't wait to see how the new house looks, and I hope that Smokes adjusts well to the outside life. Funny, the ole' cat has outlived just about everyone else now. I'm certain they'll have a good spot for him when it's his turn.

But always remember I love you dear Mom! And everyone else too. Looking forward to hear from you guys and how it all plays out with the new house!

Love you!


Friday, March 24, 2017

March 20, 2017

Hey Mom!                                                                                           March 20, 2017

First thing's first, good luck with the move! I hope the team does a good job helping you guys out, and I hope that the house will be everything you guys have dreamed/built it up to be. But the best homes are always founded on those principles that strengthen us as families.

Well, Coulee Dam is about the closest to Vegas that you can get in the mission I say. There's the dam, and also a casino. The area covers roughly 2000 square miles, and includes not only the townships around the dam, but also Coulee City, Nespelem (the reservation), Keller, and a few others around the area. Elder Saitman hails from Bountiful UT, and hasn't had too much real-world experience up to this point in life. We get along alright, and I hope I can be one of his companions who actually gets along with him! 

Turns out the nearest elders live in Omak, 56 miles away, and we have 1700 miles to use every month for all proselytizing purposes.

In other words, we're isolated. But you know, that's all not that bad! For one, Grand Coulee Dam looks a lot nicer than Hoover does if I'm honest. And the mighty Columbia River starts right at it's base. The drive from Coulee city up to the dam is about the prettiest you can get, black and brown rock canyons spiced up here and there by the waterfalls caused by the snow melt.

The ward is small, but large in heart. heh heh, since I didn't have to memorize two wards, I almost got everyone's name down just yesterday! They are all wonderful people, and I think I will come to like them very well. Still haven't gotten a gist of what the work is like in the area between travel and other factors. But you know, I wouldn't be surprised if I finished up here. And part of me would like to come back for one of those laser shows they do on the dam every summer! 

But the real humor came the actual transfer day, when Elder Mayes was still packing his gear after a solid day of doing just that. The guy suffers from severe retail therapy, and among other things he had to find room for were a skateboard and rice-cooker. We laughed it off and ultimately got packed, and did a final cleaning of the Jones's downstairs apartment. I'm going to miss them because they were probably the nicest folks who could ever house missionaries. I'm glad to hear the galoshes, thermals, and gloves made it back, and even then, packing was something else. But we got it done!

Elder Uceda was at our latest Zone Conference, and that was really cool! We talked a lot about sincere and earnest desire to read the scriptures and praying about the Book of Mormon. And you know, it was super cool! Basically that whole promise in Moroni 10:3-5 can be used as a step-by-step thing. Really ponder the blessings the Lord's given you, and then truly pour your heart out in prayer, having a sincere desire to act on whatever answer you receive. The answer itself is inevitable.

Apart from that, the actual birthday went really smoothly! Elder Saitman made breakfast for the two of us, and since it was my first Sunday in Coulee, got to meet a whole new bunch of friends! It was awesome! And to top it off, they asked us to bless the sacrament (small wards and few hands). I haven't done that since I was a priest 20 months ago. When I did it yesterday, I had this whole new appreciation for just what the Sacrament meant, both in general and personally. I would attribute it to what I've learned about Christ's atonement even more as a missionary, and because of that, breaking the bread and blessing it seemed like one of the best things I have done for a long, long time now. And don't worry! Actually got a cake, sort of. The Barrys had us over for dinner, and recently they had a birthday celebration, so there was a half-served cake they re-candled and sang too. It was nice!

I would've loved to send some pictures, but I am afraid I cannot, due to the tech we have at the FHC. I'll need to bring an actual USB cable. But in the end, know that I love you Mom! Still don't know what I'd do without you in my life, 20 years into it. Let me know how the new house lines up. Also, could you please include the Barry family in your prayers? They just had a grandson pass in an auto accident. Times like these always make me thankful for the Plan of Salvation, makes life a whole lot more happier whenever hard times come. An assurance that our loved ones who pass before us do indeed live on until we can re-embrace each other!

In the end though, love you always!


forgot to mention, thanks for the prayers! They really do carry us over a lot of high mountains, and teach us a lot about what goes on on top of them.

Love you! I'll keep you guys in my prayers.


March 13, 2017

Hey Mom!                                                                                           March 13, 2017

This week:

transfers,  Austin the gangsta, the most unhealthy day, and the WWE

Man, it makes me sad to hear you guys move out of Alton. I love that little town. But I'm also excited to see how the new house is! I hope that it's everything you guys dreamed it would be. I'm always happy to hear from you guys every week. And I find it such a blessing to be in weekly touch with you guys on top of that special spirit of family that binds us together.

So, we got our transfer calls two nights ago, and I'm being transferred to Coulee Dam, WA. To be short, it's a small collection of towns around the dam and also is the most isolated spot in the whole mission. The nearest elders to us are in Omak, an hour away. Elder Mayes is being transferred in 6th and 8th ward in Moses, and the sisters who cover there are coming in to work in 4th and 7th. Julisa, the Jones' daughter, is coming home for the summer so it makes housing easier that way to have sisters covering the area. I'll be serving with Elder Saitman, a guy who's been out for a transfer less than I. I've served around him before. He's....a straight-up Utahan, and he kind of reminds me of me before I lost weight. Consequently I understand his mindset. I feel pretty confident about the task, but prayer in our behalf will be very much appreciated. Still! I'll come to love the guy.

The last week in Moses Lake was semi eventful. I got to go on exchanges with the 5th ward elders. They cover a part of Moses called the Base, which is all the old-run down housing that was formerly used by serviceman stationed here. It's the ghetto part of town. But it was actually pretty fun! Elder Dalton, my DL, and I got to go visit one of the families who are coming back to activity, the Johnson's. Sis. Johnson's brother Austin was there to meet with us too, and I kid you not, he was a straight up hoodlum. He was cool with us, but his overall mannerisms were pretty funny. I think he sat down with us for a solid 30 minutes just to talk about jail stories with us. Yeah, both Dalton and I thought it was pretty funny, just the scenario. Here we were hoping to read scriptures and instead we meet Austin. Good times!

The next morning was long because I didn't have dinner. 5th shares the apartment with Spanish Elders and to be honest it's a bit of a mess there. I didn't have the gut to have breakfast, so when we drove out to pick up Elder Mayes and Summit we decided to do a quick Taco-Bell run for breakfast. After service I requested we stop by the local burger drive-in, Woodys. That, was a good burger! And then later that night Jacob and Natalia got us pizza at the local sketchy-pizza joint Chico's, which served them a pie stacked with ham, pepperoni, and bacon. Safe to say it by and far the most unhealthy day of the entire mission. Jacob is doing great! He and Natalia attended church this past week, and when we met with them for our weekly lesson we got to talk about the 10 commandments and why they are still important, along with following the prophet. Always will be! And he understood it, even taught him how to remember all of the commandments. Funny story, when we were eating dinner with them we got acquainted with two of their friends. When I told them that I sold jerky out of my backpack as my job they immediately said, "dude, you'd be like my best friend!" Heh heh, it's always fun to become bro-friends with guys on the mission! I'm excited for Jacob and Natalia. Their baptism is still in line, and I hope that I can attend their sealing a year from now!

In other news, we helped Sage Utter, the less active guy who has aspergers, organize and pack for moving on Wednesday to West Side. What was funny was that while we were packing he had old Raw matches playing on his computer and he was totally buying it! Didn't even matter when a camera-man smashed his seemingly-indestructible camera into a ketchup-bleeding Undertaker, he thought it was real. Still! Always glad to help folks out.

Apart from that, we saw a few Less Active families, cleaned windows with vinegar water, and got mixed reactions from the Ward Councils about getting sisters. They really love us, and it's been an absolute blast serving here in Moses Lake. I'm really going to miss Bishop Allred, he's probably been the most diligent, kind, but never-say-die bishop I've ever served with. Or ever met! Of course, Bishop Wilson and Roundy will always have a special place in my heart. All of you do! Love you Mom! Things are counting down, but I feel like now's the time more than ever to really start moving forward in the mission. Go for Broke! 

Love you forever!


March 6, 2017

Hey Mom!                                                                                           March 6, 2017

This week:
motivational crashes, countering motivational crashes, die-hard winter and serious home libraries!

And that...was probably the blandest week in words I've ever thought up of, but unfortunately that about summarizes what has happened this past week. Still! We saw a pretty good number of miracles that seems to be raining on us right now! For one, we're still alive.

For two, I'm finding out more and more every day of just how thankful I am for the way you guys raised me. I think it's safe to say that you guys did an incredible job of balancing tough love with great love, because there's a lot of guys getting trunky right now. I relate that because it seems like they had it a little more lax beforehand, and so the upcoming home-flight is super weighing on them. Consequently Elder Mayes hit an all-time low on his desire to work that about drove me near insane. If it wasn't for the fact that we're total bros about bromance I probably would've lost it, but patience paid off (another thing I owe to you guys), and by weeks end, things were back up and running! He actually fasted and received a good impression to ask for a priesthood blessing. So I along with our DL, and ZL's gave him one, and he's been doing pretty great since!

Jacob and Natalia are doing fantastic, and it's cool to see their progression. They actually signed up to take us to the local sketchy/awesome pizza joint for dinner on Thrusday, the type that throws your diet out the window. I really love those guys, because since they're our age it's super easy to connect to them. Whenever we go over for a lesson it's cool because we don't feel nervous about what the spirit teaches them, we're all pretty much friends! The weather however, isn't so hospitable. Seems like Grant County is doing a victory schreech over the end of Winter, but snow and severe wind still blew during some of the days last week. Winter's dying, but not without a last form of fury. Heh heh, personally I think it'd be hilarious if another ice storm blew through for no apparent reason.

We're also really getting to know the members more in depth more, and that helps a lot whenever we help them in their missionary efforts. Just this last week we got to visit the youth Sunday school groups in both wards. It was nice interacting with them, and it seems like they see us at a friendly level too! Got to help them out with Mission prep, and overall help them be missionaries themselves. But I have to say the highlight of it all was when we got to have dinner with a member family yesterday. Turns out that these guys had a legit library-style book shelve in their home, ladder included! We thought it was about the coolest thing we had seen this past week.

And to be honest, that is really all there was the past week. Apart from travelling and walking and whatnot, there was a great feeling of spirit during last week's efforts. Seems like the Lord is really blessing us a lot up here in Moses. I can't wait to see what else he has in store for us for the rest of the transfer. Miracles are still very real in today's world, and if we're in tune with the Spirit, not only will we be able to see them, we'll be able to take part in them as well. You just gotta keep trying!

Anyway, love you all! Thanks again for all the love and prayers you send our way, we all need them. Always remember Christ, keeping Him center does a lot of good for us these days!