Friday, March 24, 2017

March 13, 2017

Hey Mom!                                                                                           March 13, 2017

This week:

transfers,  Austin the gangsta, the most unhealthy day, and the WWE

Man, it makes me sad to hear you guys move out of Alton. I love that little town. But I'm also excited to see how the new house is! I hope that it's everything you guys dreamed it would be. I'm always happy to hear from you guys every week. And I find it such a blessing to be in weekly touch with you guys on top of that special spirit of family that binds us together.

So, we got our transfer calls two nights ago, and I'm being transferred to Coulee Dam, WA. To be short, it's a small collection of towns around the dam and also is the most isolated spot in the whole mission. The nearest elders to us are in Omak, an hour away. Elder Mayes is being transferred in 6th and 8th ward in Moses, and the sisters who cover there are coming in to work in 4th and 7th. Julisa, the Jones' daughter, is coming home for the summer so it makes housing easier that way to have sisters covering the area. I'll be serving with Elder Saitman, a guy who's been out for a transfer less than I. I've served around him before. He's....a straight-up Utahan, and he kind of reminds me of me before I lost weight. Consequently I understand his mindset. I feel pretty confident about the task, but prayer in our behalf will be very much appreciated. Still! I'll come to love the guy.

The last week in Moses Lake was semi eventful. I got to go on exchanges with the 5th ward elders. They cover a part of Moses called the Base, which is all the old-run down housing that was formerly used by serviceman stationed here. It's the ghetto part of town. But it was actually pretty fun! Elder Dalton, my DL, and I got to go visit one of the families who are coming back to activity, the Johnson's. Sis. Johnson's brother Austin was there to meet with us too, and I kid you not, he was a straight up hoodlum. He was cool with us, but his overall mannerisms were pretty funny. I think he sat down with us for a solid 30 minutes just to talk about jail stories with us. Yeah, both Dalton and I thought it was pretty funny, just the scenario. Here we were hoping to read scriptures and instead we meet Austin. Good times!

The next morning was long because I didn't have dinner. 5th shares the apartment with Spanish Elders and to be honest it's a bit of a mess there. I didn't have the gut to have breakfast, so when we drove out to pick up Elder Mayes and Summit we decided to do a quick Taco-Bell run for breakfast. After service I requested we stop by the local burger drive-in, Woodys. That, was a good burger! And then later that night Jacob and Natalia got us pizza at the local sketchy-pizza joint Chico's, which served them a pie stacked with ham, pepperoni, and bacon. Safe to say it by and far the most unhealthy day of the entire mission. Jacob is doing great! He and Natalia attended church this past week, and when we met with them for our weekly lesson we got to talk about the 10 commandments and why they are still important, along with following the prophet. Always will be! And he understood it, even taught him how to remember all of the commandments. Funny story, when we were eating dinner with them we got acquainted with two of their friends. When I told them that I sold jerky out of my backpack as my job they immediately said, "dude, you'd be like my best friend!" Heh heh, it's always fun to become bro-friends with guys on the mission! I'm excited for Jacob and Natalia. Their baptism is still in line, and I hope that I can attend their sealing a year from now!

In other news, we helped Sage Utter, the less active guy who has aspergers, organize and pack for moving on Wednesday to West Side. What was funny was that while we were packing he had old Raw matches playing on his computer and he was totally buying it! Didn't even matter when a camera-man smashed his seemingly-indestructible camera into a ketchup-bleeding Undertaker, he thought it was real. Still! Always glad to help folks out.

Apart from that, we saw a few Less Active families, cleaned windows with vinegar water, and got mixed reactions from the Ward Councils about getting sisters. They really love us, and it's been an absolute blast serving here in Moses Lake. I'm really going to miss Bishop Allred, he's probably been the most diligent, kind, but never-say-die bishop I've ever served with. Or ever met! Of course, Bishop Wilson and Roundy will always have a special place in my heart. All of you do! Love you Mom! Things are counting down, but I feel like now's the time more than ever to really start moving forward in the mission. Go for Broke! 

Love you forever!