Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 25, 2016

Hey Mom!                                                                                           July 25, 2016

This week:
The boss MLC, hay bales and weed-wacks, piano moves, Bane and Brian, and also some other things. 

Ok. I got mixed emotions on the move to St. George. (Tracy's Note:  we are building a house in St. George.)  I am very much down for a different community than Vegas, as a matter of fact the distance to the ranch and Zion makes it incredibly awesome! But I guess it's the people I guess I'd be missing. Still, all my buddies are moving on with their lives, Captain Doughty and Leo aren't really moving anywhere...Meh. I guess it will all work out! Heat won't change much though. 

That's funny, moving back to the birth-town. But hey! I guess if God wants it, we'd better do it. After all He knows a little more about future destiny than I think we all do. In terms of architectural ideas....well, maybe a study/man-cave with some kind of view! I know that's an odd combo, but I've always thought it cool to have a room where one could ponder the mysteries of the universe and imagination, playing the viola while at the same time kill zombies, watch a movie, or something.

Still, that's some time down the road. Things over here in Ellensburg are starting to go really well! School is still out, and the fall semester starts sometime in the next month. But the past week I had the chance to go down to Yakima for MLC (mission leadership committee. Or council). It was nice getting to be back in Yakima, paticularly with Elder Vejnar there (he's a DL now). Two men from the missionary department of the church were there, and man...did they lay the point across! They talked a lot about our detailed teaching, and pointed out a few things we all needed change on. Staying simple, being detailed, and other things as well did they explain, and boy, it was an awesome meeting!

There was a good amount of teaching this past week, our WML came out with us with his son and we got to go visit the various folk of Ellensburg! It was a good time it really was. But service comes to mind more than anything else this past week. We helped a family move about a ton of hay over to their new home, and the move party was decently large. Felt good, doing something you'd feel like you'd do back on the ranch. And to emphasize that point, there was a 16 year old guy named Sam who literally hefted all of the 80-lbs bales onto the trailer. Yep, reminded me of Ammon, Justin, and those guys. Hey! be closer to them too if we lived in St. George.

Later on the week we did service for DJ (our service coordinator), by mowing and weed-wacking his lawn. It also felt good using a weed-wacker again. DJ also let me take a pair of polarized safety glasses, about the fanciest piece of equipment I think I ever used! In terms of safety of course.

And in terms of more service, we helped another family in the ward move to a different home across the street. Part of the load was a piano similar to the one we keep at the ranch. It was heavy, and if getting it out to the trailer wasn't hard and comical enough (because nothing spells slapstick comedy than playing a piano while moving it), then bringing it back into the new home was tougher, because there was a flight of 6 steps up to the back door. Fortunately it was more than just two people moving it, like Dad and I are so accustomed too sometimes, so it was still comical!

In a more fun-note, a recent convert about our age came over from Seattle to go on splits with 2nd ward elders. His name was Brian, and for some reason we decided to mimic accents when he came. I practiced my Bane from Dark Knight Rises. And it was fun and all, making gospel-related twists to memorable quotes. But I think I'll stick to talking normal for some time.

Other than that, we had a few more fun finding experiences. The sisters passed us a referral that we saw, named Michael. His wife is in-active, and we soon found out they actually lived in 2nd ward area. Still, it was a very good visit, and Mike accepted to be baptized if he came to now of the truth of the Book of Mormon! Hooray! Doing other missionary's work!

Yep, church is true! Not much else to say. A lot of details could be brought up against that fact, but in the end I think just how more eternal that truth is than even we give it credit for sometimes! A lotttt of destiny awaits with faith. And we have even more in store if we remember just how much more we still have to learn, and then strive to learn it! Things go a lot more out there than we realize, but we are given the direction of the Gospel to point us into the great beyond.

And...there's my poetic side for the week. More to come in the man cave-study of Mike yet-to-be-potentially-built. Love you all! Know that Christ and God loves you all! So much so that they will always send the spirit comfort and teach us.

Elder Camit

Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016

Hey Mom!

This week:
Poke-hordes, band mobs, The Simpson connection, and member work, sweet, sweet member work!

Ok, it was weird enough to pass 7 July, now it's only weirder to have two accounts of the family reunion in my mail history. Glad to see that everyone got to McCall safely, and stayed sane...safely. And I never would've guessed that my dear cousin Maddie would find a BF who owned a Harley. The image of them riding together seemed to fit really well with her personality. Don't tell her I said that, I don't know how she'd take that.

You know, I've thought about driving down to McCall from Yakima before if it was timed right. I do think that would be fun, but at the same time that's a long haul in nothing but suit and pros gear, granted I'd still be released by then. Meh...would be obliged to travel either way I suppose. But I did get your box, and what a blessing it was! Nice to get the huckleberry fix in, I made those pancakes this morning and they were pretty divine compared to the the basic eggs-bacon-oatmeal diet I usually follow. Thanks for those! And the other things as well, Elder Summit really liked the shirt.

In terms of work out here, things were...well-balanced. For one, this new Pokemon Go! game is really starting to pull at my funny bone. During the first few days before the reported controversies of the game arose, we would walk around campus to see a bunch of college students in hordes walking around doing whatever-however that game works. Trying to use it as an OYM approach was disappointingly fruitless. Evidently asking a Joe or Gill if they'd caught any Pokemon doesn't change their initial interest level. However, we did have a nice visit with a dude who was an unbaptized member of record on campus. 

I also found out that the parents of one of the families I knew in the Vegas mission lives in our ward! Remember Ruby, the Taiwanese girl we taught? Well, we met her cousin's parents in a totally un-seen way this past week! It was pretty neat! We were just visiting and they told us they had a son in Henderson who served in San Fran Mandarin speaking mission. Then it clicked! It was so cool!

And in regards to work, we've been hitting member work really hard. The district is going really at it, and so far we've been able to at least start to see the fruits of those efforts. With the Lord's hand in this work, we'll definitely see the work explode in Ellensburg. Still, a lot of work ahead, and most of it pretty good looking too! We also had interviews this past week with President, and that went really well. President told me that before hand they were going to transfer me to another area, and then they got the impression to send me to Ellensburg. So that gives me a new vision on how we need to work here. I'm really looking forward to Ellensburg experience, it's going to be great doing the Lord's work! It is His gospel after all!

Apart from that, saw an mob of band kids walk down the street, some odd guy talked to us about spider-bites and spirituality, and lost only a little bit of sanity while gaining a whole lot of spirit. The work rolls forward for us here in the Lord's vineyard! The next year is going to be outstanding!

Love you all!
Elder Camit

Sunday, July 17, 2016

July 11, 2016

Hey Mom!                                                                                           July 11, 2016

This week:
Goodbye Ephrata, Elder Summit, reviving member spirit, and seeing results!

Well, I'll be darned, family reunion is taking place eh? Well, that's wacky to think about. Seems like yesterday was the last one, and I wasn't even at it. Sheesh. I wonder if that's how Daniel, Paul, Mason, and Greg felt too. Will they be coming? That would be absolutely grand if Paul and Brooke could come up for that. So many memories would be made, and most of them would probably be Paul showing us up with regards to beach-bods.

The 4th mainly consisted of Elder Painter and I doing bad lip-syncs to music we could listen too, our curfew was 3 hours early. The Last day in Ephrata consisted of packing, "buying" a carry-on duffel from the thrift store (which they let me take because we were going to toss it), and saying goodbyes to Alva and Bev. Anyhoo, Ellensburg, town wise, is pretty nice! Driving down from Ephrata to Quincy to Ellensburg was un-eventful. And dangerous. Not really, but Elder Shugart, the AP driving the van, got several "check-your-speed" call-outs from Tiwi. Not the worst that could happen, but still. 

Elder Summit is a pretty cool guy! He's been out only three months, so I'm greenie busting him, or being a "mom" as mission lingo goes. After brief get-to-know you, I learned he's an experienced martial-artist, can manipulate other folks's anger, and has a habit of talking in accents. He hails from Logan, and from the sounds of it, his family isn't the best on keeping him updated. There were a lot of personality traits between the two of us that needed hammering out, but we managed. Work wise, we are about to drop the nuke of member-missionary work in Ellensburg. Learned from Elder Summit that member-socializing was practically non-existent, let alone effective member missionary work. And so that gave us a vision to work towards.

So, to begin work, a few fun things happened. For one, Jenny, our on date in the area, cancelled her baptism the day of. Elder Summit and Rozencrantz (who just returned home to Vegas) found her and started teaching her. Evidently she's facing a lot of social adversity about joining the church. She has a mental condition of some kind, and so we pray that she can be strong and overcome her fears. On more brighter notes this past week we were invited to dinner by a PMF (part member family). The father, Jim, expressed to us that he wants to be baptized and sealed to his wife in the temple. Hmm....oh snap. He came to church the next day. 

Speaking of church, I was asked by Bishop Schilling to bear my testimony. He wanted me to emphasize member-missionary work. I had a rough idea of what I was going to say, opting for the formal approach of professionalism. After some thought though, I decided to lax a little. And so when I walked up to the pulpit, I began by saying, "Brothers and sisters, Aloha!" And they responded accordingly, surprisingly. Right now our objective is to build member trust and relationships, so I figured that was a good way to show I wasn't a robot. And I think it worked too! Later on that night we went and saw the Elders Quorum President and his family. The thought of member-visits were blank to Elder Summit's mind, but we simply talked to them about their lives, dreams, visions, etc. Shared a spiritual thought, and at the end of it, they had names come to their minds about people they could share the gospel with! OOOOOHHHHH SNAP!! And they seemed decently solid too!

Yeah, we need to do a lot of work. Right now our schedules are taken up by 3 hours of community service, daily. I'm all for service, but...I'd rather be focused on doing my current duty. But with the Lord's time we will be able to accomplish it. Pray like it depends of Heavenly Father, and then work like it depends on us. That's the key, so we can't let go now. Love you all, and remember that we are all involved in this work, even if being an example to others, that light rubs off!

Love you!

Elder Michael Camit

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 4, 2016

Hey Mom!                                                                                                       July 4, 2016

This week:
A humble reminder of Charity, 365,  goodbye Ephrata, I guess that's about all that I can remember. Sorry, the week-in-words hasn't been too exciting the last few months, but it was always there for an ice-breaker more than anything.

OOOHHHHH SNAP! Brad's back?! Oh man...that was like an eternity it almost felt like he was gone! And then to hear that Brigham and Also Mario will return too is beyond my ability to comprehend time. Ask Brad for me if he ever break-danced down in Nicaragua for a street contact.

Man, it also feels really weird to hear that you are going to a movie. Because for one, I feel like I've kind of forgotten what the theater experience felt like, and also because I can't see you watching too many of the new movies coming out. Unless it's Finding Dory. There's a theater in Ephrata we drive by often that has the reader-boards out front to tell us what we're missing. Don't worry, I don't feel like I'm missing much of anything right now. 

Sorry to mention though, we probably won't be going to George for festivities. Bummer. Miles and other reasons.

But on the more awesome part, Alva and Bev were baptized and confirmed last Saturday and Sunday. Geeze, that was awesome. You can just...see the light that's come into their lives from learning more about the Restored Gospel. It's been a testimony-builder for me and Elder Painter. Since it was my first time performing the ordinance, so it took me three times to get it right. But despite that, I could still feel the spirit. You know it's funny. I remember Daniel telling me about a year or two back that doing a baptism is incredible. And it was, don't get me wrong. But I guess I was expecting to feel some kind of rushing-wave-of-goodness, kind of like what I felt at Quest and other spots. But rather my feelings were turned more towards Alva and Bev themselves. Nothing too huge, just feelings so glad for them. It didn't hit me until later that what I felt was charity, the pure love of Christ. And what better spot to feel that love, doing something that the Savior Himself did, making that covenant. Charity has such a huge effect on the lives of those who are humble enough to learn more about the Savior. That's something I've come to know for myself.

It's also incredible to think in 3 days I'll hit the year mark. What.The.Heck. Well, that's odd to think about. A year ago you dropped me off at the Vegas Mission home with nothing but the Staff experience and 4 weeks in Hawaii to remember vividly. there's now. And...then will be then. Well, better get to it, only got a year left!

I also learned that in the next week I will be transferred down to Ellensburg, Washington. College town, and nice-seeming. I'll be meeting a certain Elder Summit. And it will be nice to see Mountains again! Whether or not we will be able to proselyte there, well, I'll find out! Some of my former leaders are going home. One of them is Elder Rozencrantz, from Vegas. I guess he'll be going back to London with Elder Gildenstern now.

Yep, those were the highlights of the week. Not much to say. I hope Ellensburg will be a nice change, and I got a good feeling about it as well! Until then, thanks for all the love and support you've sent me. I'll still need it en-mass. Pray that our sanity doesn't run dry before then!

Love you, dear Mother! I'll whistle yankee-doodle, or America the Beautiful for you sometime today!

Elder Michael Camit