Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 4, 2016

Hey Mom!                                                                                                       July 4, 2016

This week:
A humble reminder of Charity, 365,  goodbye Ephrata, and....er...nuts. I guess that's about all that I can remember. Sorry, the week-in-words hasn't been too exciting the last few months, but it was always there for an ice-breaker more than anything.

OOOHHHHH SNAP! Brad's back?! Oh man...that was like an eternity it almost felt like he was gone! And then to hear that Brigham and Also Mario will return too is beyond my ability to comprehend time. Ask Brad for me if he ever break-danced down in Nicaragua for a street contact.

Man, it also feels really weird to hear that you are going to a movie. Because for one, I feel like I've kind of forgotten what the theater experience felt like, and also because I can't see you watching too many of the new movies coming out. Unless it's Finding Dory. There's a theater in Ephrata we drive by often that has the reader-boards out front to tell us what we're missing. Don't worry, I don't feel like I'm missing much of anything right now. 

Sorry to mention though, we probably won't be going to George for festivities. Bummer. Miles and other reasons.

But on the more awesome part, Alva and Bev were baptized and confirmed last Saturday and Sunday. Geeze, that was awesome. You can just...see the light that's come into their lives from learning more about the Restored Gospel. It's been a testimony-builder for me and Elder Painter. Since it was my first time performing the ordinance, so it took me three times to get it right. But despite that, I could still feel the spirit. You know it's funny. I remember Daniel telling me about a year or two back that doing a baptism is incredible. And it was, don't get me wrong. But I guess I was expecting to feel some kind of rushing-wave-of-goodness, kind of like what I felt at Quest and other spots. But rather my feelings were turned more towards Alva and Bev themselves. Nothing too huge, just feelings so glad for them. It didn't hit me until later that what I felt was charity, the pure love of Christ. And what better spot to feel that love, doing something that the Savior Himself did, making that covenant. Charity has such a huge effect on the lives of those who are humble enough to learn more about the Savior. That's something I've come to know for myself.

It's also incredible to think in 3 days I'll hit the year mark. What.The.Heck. Well, that's odd to think about. A year ago you dropped me off at the Vegas Mission home with nothing but the Staff experience and 4 weeks in Hawaii to remember vividly. And...now there's now. And...then will be then. Well, better get to it, only got a year left!

I also learned that in the next week I will be transferred down to Ellensburg, Washington. College town, and nice-seeming. I'll be meeting a certain Elder Summit. And it will be nice to see Mountains again! Whether or not we will be able to proselyte there, well, I'll find out! Some of my former leaders are going home. One of them is Elder Rozencrantz, from Vegas. I guess he'll be going back to London with Elder Gildenstern now.

Yep, those were the highlights of the week. Not much to say. I hope Ellensburg will be a nice change, and I got a good feeling about it as well! Until then, thanks for all the love and support you've sent me. I'll still need it en-mass. Pray that our sanity doesn't run dry before then!

Love you, dear Mother! I'll whistle yankee-doodle, or America the Beautiful for you sometime today!

Elder Michael Camit