Monday, July 18, 2016

July 18, 2016

Hey Mom!

This week:
Poke-hordes, band mobs, The Simpson connection, and member work, sweet, sweet member work!

Ok, it was weird enough to pass 7 July, now it's only weirder to have two accounts of the family reunion in my mail history. Glad to see that everyone got to McCall safely, and stayed sane...safely. And I never would've guessed that my dear cousin Maddie would find a BF who owned a Harley. The image of them riding together seemed to fit really well with her personality. Don't tell her I said that, I don't know how she'd take that.

You know, I've thought about driving down to McCall from Yakima before if it was timed right. I do think that would be fun, but at the same time that's a long haul in nothing but suit and pros gear, granted I'd still be released by then. Meh...would be obliged to travel either way I suppose. But I did get your box, and what a blessing it was! Nice to get the huckleberry fix in, I made those pancakes this morning and they were pretty divine compared to the the basic eggs-bacon-oatmeal diet I usually follow. Thanks for those! And the other things as well, Elder Summit really liked the shirt.

In terms of work out here, things were...well-balanced. For one, this new Pokemon Go! game is really starting to pull at my funny bone. During the first few days before the reported controversies of the game arose, we would walk around campus to see a bunch of college students in hordes walking around doing whatever-however that game works. Trying to use it as an OYM approach was disappointingly fruitless. Evidently asking a Joe or Gill if they'd caught any Pokemon doesn't change their initial interest level. However, we did have a nice visit with a dude who was an unbaptized member of record on campus. 

I also found out that the parents of one of the families I knew in the Vegas mission lives in our ward! Remember Ruby, the Taiwanese girl we taught? Well, we met her cousin's parents in a totally un-seen way this past week! It was pretty neat! We were just visiting and they told us they had a son in Henderson who served in San Fran Mandarin speaking mission. Then it clicked! It was so cool!

And in regards to work, we've been hitting member work really hard. The district is going really at it, and so far we've been able to at least start to see the fruits of those efforts. With the Lord's hand in this work, we'll definitely see the work explode in Ellensburg. Still, a lot of work ahead, and most of it pretty good looking too! We also had interviews this past week with President, and that went really well. President told me that before hand they were going to transfer me to another area, and then they got the impression to send me to Ellensburg. So that gives me a new vision on how we need to work here. I'm really looking forward to Ellensburg experience, it's going to be great doing the Lord's work! It is His gospel after all!

Apart from that, saw an mob of band kids walk down the street, some odd guy talked to us about spider-bites and spirituality, and lost only a little bit of sanity while gaining a whole lot of spirit. The work rolls forward for us here in the Lord's vineyard! The next year is going to be outstanding!

Love you all!
Elder Camit