Wednesday, July 27, 2016

July 25, 2016

Hey Mom!                                                                                           July 25, 2016

This week:
The boss MLC, hay bales and weed-wacks, piano moves, Bane and Brian, and also some other things. 

Ok. I got mixed emotions on the move to St. George. (Tracy's Note:  we are building a house in St. George.)  I am very much down for a different community than Vegas, as a matter of fact the distance to the ranch and Zion makes it incredibly awesome! But I guess it's the people I guess I'd be missing. Still, all my buddies are moving on with their lives, Captain Doughty and Leo aren't really moving anywhere...Meh. I guess it will all work out! Heat won't change much though. 

That's funny, moving back to the birth-town. But hey! I guess if God wants it, we'd better do it. After all He knows a little more about future destiny than I think we all do. In terms of architectural ideas....well, maybe a study/man-cave with some kind of view! I know that's an odd combo, but I've always thought it cool to have a room where one could ponder the mysteries of the universe and imagination, playing the viola while at the same time kill zombies, watch a movie, or something.

Still, that's some time down the road. Things over here in Ellensburg are starting to go really well! School is still out, and the fall semester starts sometime in the next month. But the past week I had the chance to go down to Yakima for MLC (mission leadership committee. Or council). It was nice getting to be back in Yakima, paticularly with Elder Vejnar there (he's a DL now). Two men from the missionary department of the church were there, and man...did they lay the point across! They talked a lot about our detailed teaching, and pointed out a few things we all needed change on. Staying simple, being detailed, and other things as well did they explain, and boy, it was an awesome meeting!

There was a good amount of teaching this past week, our WML came out with us with his son and we got to go visit the various folk of Ellensburg! It was a good time it really was. But service comes to mind more than anything else this past week. We helped a family move about a ton of hay over to their new home, and the move party was decently large. Felt good, doing something you'd feel like you'd do back on the ranch. And to emphasize that point, there was a 16 year old guy named Sam who literally hefted all of the 80-lbs bales onto the trailer. Yep, reminded me of Ammon, Justin, and those guys. Hey! be closer to them too if we lived in St. George.

Later on the week we did service for DJ (our service coordinator), by mowing and weed-wacking his lawn. It also felt good using a weed-wacker again. DJ also let me take a pair of polarized safety glasses, about the fanciest piece of equipment I think I ever used! In terms of safety of course.

And in terms of more service, we helped another family in the ward move to a different home across the street. Part of the load was a piano similar to the one we keep at the ranch. It was heavy, and if getting it out to the trailer wasn't hard and comical enough (because nothing spells slapstick comedy than playing a piano while moving it), then bringing it back into the new home was tougher, because there was a flight of 6 steps up to the back door. Fortunately it was more than just two people moving it, like Dad and I are so accustomed too sometimes, so it was still comical!

In a more fun-note, a recent convert about our age came over from Seattle to go on splits with 2nd ward elders. His name was Brian, and for some reason we decided to mimic accents when he came. I practiced my Bane from Dark Knight Rises. And it was fun and all, making gospel-related twists to memorable quotes. But I think I'll stick to talking normal for some time.

Other than that, we had a few more fun finding experiences. The sisters passed us a referral that we saw, named Michael. His wife is in-active, and we soon found out they actually lived in 2nd ward area. Still, it was a very good visit, and Mike accepted to be baptized if he came to now of the truth of the Book of Mormon! Hooray! Doing other missionary's work!

Yep, church is true! Not much else to say. A lot of details could be brought up against that fact, but in the end I think just how more eternal that truth is than even we give it credit for sometimes! A lotttt of destiny awaits with faith. And we have even more in store if we remember just how much more we still have to learn, and then strive to learn it! Things go a lot more out there than we realize, but we are given the direction of the Gospel to point us into the great beyond.

And...there's my poetic side for the week. More to come in the man cave-study of Mike yet-to-be-potentially-built. Love you all! Know that Christ and God loves you all! So much so that they will always send the spirit comfort and teach us.

Elder Camit