Tuesday, June 28, 2016

June 27, 2016

Hey Mom!                                                                                           June 27, 2016

This week:
(Call Daniel for the story), a good sign of work, service-days & service-days, and good ole' "wait, what?" moments

For starters, get this: So in the Agriculturally inclined county of Grant County Washington, there is a town called George. Size wise, I would rank it up with Panguitch, or maybe Hatch. But there is nonetheless a town called George, Washington. So, obviously any 4th July activities will take place there. We haven't heard much about it. Evidently there's a giant cherry pie involved, and Bro. Adams from the ward being one of the main pyro-Technics for fireworks (and also dressings up like George Washington in George, Washington).

Now with regards to the first item mentioned in the week-in-words, let's just say that I'll email Daniel the story. It's a story worth telling nothing wrong with it, but I don't think it would seem very, ahem...professional to put on the blog.

However, we had a pretty good amount of work this past week. At one point we had to split up to cover all our work at once, which was a good sign of the work load here. Alva and Bev are doing awesome as ever before! Their spirits are so strong and they've seen how the Gospel has helped them now. He's asked me if I would baptize him. This will be the first time I've ever done the ordinance itself, so I'm feeling really honored to do so. That spirit will be amazing.

On Saturday, things worked. No really, things actually worked. For once, it all, just, worked! 

Well, sorta, I guess. We started off with Helping a member of the ward move, which was uneventful but helpful. As we were changing back to Prose at our apartment, the phone rang and Sis. Whetstone, the primary leader, told us she had a LA friend whose kids wanted to take the discussions. OOOOHHHHHH SNAP! Well, actually it was more like a "wait, what?" moment, but the spirit was the same. Later on that day we helped the  Hermanas and ZL's with an investigators garden. I hauled pulled weeds through a run-down garage to a chicken coop, which brought back memories. And after that we went over to the Sortommes to help them pick cherries. It was there that I ate a cherry right off a tree for the first time in my life. I'll put that on the "eaten right off of a tree" list for the mission. And then after that we had dinner, followed by a couple of lessons, and then the day was over.

It never runs that efficiently as that. But I must say it was a fun day!

Yeah, things went decently well for the week. Sorry to say I never was able to recall in precise detail when I type these things, but I hope that it will work out well with you guys back in Vegas. I can't recall any particular thing I would like in a year-mark package. Heh, maybe a picture album of my life I could show people should they inquire about my past life. I think that would be my only request.

Until then, thanks for all the support! Ephrata is really picking up now, and it will continue too! Nevertheless, keeping being awesome and know that I love you!