Sunday, April 2, 2017

March 27, 2017

Hey Mom!                                                                                           March 27, 2017

This week:

Road trips and Jacob's baptism!

I hope you guys enjoy the new home! I'm really looking forward to see what it looks like. And congrats on finding the remote! Funny how things wide up in the oddest places sometimes. Also good to see I was in good standing with Bro. Barry. In my defense, I've opened up a lot with regards to social life, but I guess you could say I still like to remain low-key in public. But not as bad as I used to be, I'll assure you of that! And I hate to say it, but I may have forgotten my BYU-I account login info. But if I was me, which...I am, then it's probably one of four universal sets I usually just keep. I'll send a list of them.

To answer your question regarding my driving experience, Coulee is actually the first area I have had a for-sure-this-car-is-yours-forever car area. Everywhere else was either share-car or by foot. And even then I've only driven in two of those. I've learned that corolla's aren't too bad for what they are, and Chevy Cruze's have the touchiest brake system in the history of brakes. You know, it's funny, when I get back it will be the first time in my life I've ever solo-driven (if you recall I got my license two days before 7 July).

Going off of that, the past week saw a lot of miles used up. Last P-day we drove up to Omak, which is 112 miles there and back, and then in following days we covered basically our entire area length wise, going down to Coulee city, Almira, and other way-out there Kane-county like towns. And you know, it was a lot of fun! Going out to Wilbur goes about 25 miles, 12 of which are in a straight-shot down a gradual slope. If that part of Washington wasn't so flat it would've made a fantastic view, but it is green!

The good Lord blessed us in those travels, because when we got to our destinations we were able to actually accomplish something. Whether or not it was contacting a LA family or tracting, something came to something! And when we drop a total average of 110 miles a day, that's a pretty good tender-mercy. In Almira we tracted into a nice man named Don, who accepted a Restoration pamphlet whole heartedly, and even pointed us to his neighbor, who also opened up to us when we said we can serve them! Wilbur, we got to meet an awesome family by the name of the Caudells, and their massive great-dane, Paw. They met with us before, and said we can come back on Tuesday. And in Coulee city we got to visit other LA members who recieved us warmly, and then tract fresh ground, ultimatley having a nice conversation with a lady named Normagene who had a strong testimony of God's love. Cool!

We also got to go to interviews with President and Sister Lewis on Wednesday, taking us back to Omak, and while talking to President he gave me personal thanks for helping out Elder Mayes the way I did last transfer. It was good hearing that he appreciated my efforts that way. And on the subject of Mayes, I actually got to see him again at Jacob's baptism on the 25th. It was kind of awkward, last I saw him I said, "see you July." But he seemed to be doing alright. Jacob and Natalia's whole family from 1st ward showed up, and it was also good to see Bishop Allred and the other guys there too. Overall, the spirit was super strong. I told Jacob to let me know when he and Natalia go to be sealed, and I would try to make it. I just hopes he remembers to keep coming to church, but sis. Banks and Haggett will do a good job of that I can tell! Their sit-rep from Moses 4th and 7th was pretty positive! I also gave a pack of the jerky to Jacob and his best friend/redneck cohort, Rilen. I'm sure they'll like it!

Other than that, we helped a member paint his house interior, helped other members out with moves, and saw a fair amount of sunshine and rain. I guess you could say that the 2-month long overcast has moved on, and looking forward to spring. And Easter too! We're going to be rolling out with the new initiative soon, so what better way to celebrate Christ's victory over death than being out here to share about it! This next week will probably be a grand-slam of events, we have out temple trip on Thursday to Spokane, General Conference, and the new initiative too! Things are looking up for us here. I can't wait to see how the new house looks, and I hope that Smokes adjusts well to the outside life. Funny, the ole' cat has outlived just about everyone else now. I'm certain they'll have a good spot for him when it's his turn.

But always remember I love you dear Mom! And everyone else too. Looking forward to hear from you guys and how it all plays out with the new house!

Love you!