Monday, April 24, 2017

April 24, 2017

Hey Mom!                                                                                          

This week:

Finding Mae, finding swords, the river ferry, and out in the woods!

You know, I wouldn't mind living with other dudes for housing. It would be nice to know who they were and what their personalities are like, but I can cut it. Dorm life wouldn't be too bad either. But addressing your question from last week, I have to say I actually enjoy cooking! I'm no expert chef. But it's fun, I'm not going to lie.

But still, you will never believe what happened this past week, because it was pretty epic!

Or at least, I say that with the work perspective in mind. After a failed attempt to contact one of our potential investigators, we felt it best to tract the trailer park where we were at. A few doors in, we met a nice lady named Mae, who is recovering from back sugery. She has faith and family central to her life, having raised 4 sons herself, and family living in the trailers around her. She also had a late brother who was a member of the church, but he had never talked to her about it, so she was curious. So we set a return appointment, and when we went back, things just fell, into, place. Like kid you not, the spirit just lined it up for us! Inspired questions led to her asking even more inspired questions, and the members who came with us bore powerful and wonderful testimony. At one point Mae asked us if it was the right thing to do to pray to God in the name of Jesus Christ. Sweet! And as we covered the Restoration she asked "so does this make Joseph Smith a modern-day prophet?" And then when we talked about the Book of Mormon, she took a copy of it and the Bible, plus the members helped download the GL app to her I-pad! She told us that she wouldn't be able to do church that week, but would try to come in the following weeks. And in the end, she accepted a baptismal commitment for the 27th of May.

Go humanity!

We also got the chance to see Mitzi and Nakai, and they're doing superb as well. Also learned that Elder Saitman is going to be transferred out and I'll be serving with a certain Elder Quast, who I served around in Moses Lake. Chances are he'll be my last companion. And I'm looking forward to it!

The rest of the week had some funny and interesting experiences. While helping Bro. Foster again with his interior remodeling, we did a lot of furniture moving. And while moving things around, we found a broadsword that he owned. Of all things! I'll let the pictures summarize what we did with them after that.

We also had the chance to use the Keller River Ferry, the only boat we are allowed to use in the whole mission. And consequently, the only boat I've been on in almost 2 years. It was, well, a boat ride. The owner of the other car we were ferrying with talked to us. I think she tried to anti us, but it became clear to her and us that that was quite unnecessary, so we had a nice conversation about the usual conservative rant of deteriorating moral standards and whatnot. Meh, whatever.

And I can finally say now that we ventured our to the middle of teh boonies on teh edge of the mission. Another part of the reservation up in the mountains. Still! For what we did tract up there we got to meet a lady named Judy, who talked with us for an hour about life, art, and Gospel subjects. Nothing too exciting, but it always warmed my heart to meet nice people. Nice people are always much more friendly than mean people. I guess you could say that's my obvious statement of the day.


Guard the bread   the 12 mile road    swordplay (and comp. inventory in a nutshell)    and the ferry pic!