Monday, April 3, 2017

April 3, 2017

Hey Mom!                                                                                           April 3, 2017

This week:

Hanging with John, mountain routes, back to city, and good ole' Joe!

Well, hearing about Makayla's pregnancy didn't throw me for a curve-ball as much as I thought it would. If anything, it was more like a fast-ball. 

When do you get to go to Ireland? That will be a fun trip, glad you're getting some local tips from the senior RM's, but I'm certain you and Brooke will have a great time! I guess Brooke always has connections of some kind that get her places. I wonder where she, or you both, will go next?

Coulee Dam is holding up well. Which is good, otherwise we're probably dead. But the work is going well too! 

The past week was definitely amazing as far as action and variety goes. On Tuesday we were doing some tracting in Nespelem, the Colville reservation. For the overall feeling of the day, mixed with the clouds, things seemed pretty dull. The folks we did talk too were kind and welcoming though, and at one point we got to share a brief thought with an elderly man and his brother. But what was funny was that while walking back down the street, we crossed paths with a certain man named John, who was clearly blazed. Still, he was about and started talking to us, and I guess he was the "tough" guy of the town or something, because he said we could go with him around to see some guys he knew. He also asked if we were thirsty or anything, and I said water would be nice. So we walk up to a random door and he knocks once and then enters, us trailing him. Turns out it was his sister's home, and while we were talking to his sister, he came back with a beer-cup full of water. Meh, works. While drinking it his aunt(?) came out from her room and scolded him for letting us in with him, and also that he was allowing me to drink part of his booze. We assured her it was just water, which still didn't calm her agitation. That's when his cousin arrived and joined our group, and before leaving he passed what looked like a couple grams of weed to his sister like it was a grocery delivery.

Anyway, we tagged with him for only a few more doors, all or which were family that he thought needed " a saving message." In the end, we along with his cousin had a small freestyle-rap session with another one of his bros, and for the first time in the whole mission I finally got to drop a few rhymes for some street-cred. Thank you, CCSD, for teaching me how to speak around friendly hoodlums. Don't worry I didn't condescend to their level of language.

After that incident there wasn't too many other exciting things going down. At one point Saitman and I decided we'd try by Keller, a super small town that is only accessible by ferry or super small dirt roads. Well, the ferry's out of commission, so we decided to go for a brief trail ride. Only problem was 7 or so miles up into the hills later the signs disappeared and the road started to fork. Classic. Eventually we got out by backtracking, but one of these days I'd like to go back up there to see where those old dirt roads lead to in the mountains! Or...maybe I don't. Either way, when we got back to the Colville Indian Agency (a small town near the start of the trails), we noticed a small housing community we never had seen before. Knocked a few doors to not much avail. We decided to come back sometime.

Thursday's temple trip was amazing! It was the first small temple I've ever been too, but a temple nonetheless. Turns out the temple president was Greg's former mission president! Asked him if he knew a certain Elder Cox, and he only had good things to say about him! The session was lovely, and the spirit was very abundant. I had some good impressions that the Temple is where I need to be when that time comes, so I think I'll start spending more time serving there when I return. On the way back, for the first time in 2 years, we got to go to Costco with the member who took us. Bro. Foster only had to get a few doggy items, but I finally got to quench the great soft-served-swirl drought that has been lingering for a while now. As a matter of fact, like Tri-cities, going to Spokane was stepping back into a city. Which was weird. Really weird. But nice as well!

General conference was great too! And yes, I loved the talk that was pointed towards the investigators. I also loved Elder Renlunds and all of Elder Eyring's addresses too! Grateful for prophets and apostles, what can I say? Gospel's got to be revealed some way or another. Afterwards, we got to go back to the housing development mentioned earlier, and while knocking doors, we were able to set up a return appointment with a fellow interested in family history, prayers will help! And then we knocked on a door, and a fellow named Joe stepped out, and he was drunk. It was hard getting anything through to him, but after he rambled for a little bit, he actually let us in! He was watching the North Carolina and Oregon game, and after talking to him a little bit about the game and the final four, he actually asked for stuff to read! So we gave him a Book of Mormon with a Restoration pamphlet, and he said he'd leave them for his Mom, who lives with him. Unconventional, but you know, the Lord has a way of getting things across to people. I got a good hunch this will come to something!

Yeah, it was a funny week. I guess another small little moment of sentiment was having a dog tract with us whenever we went out. That was nice! A lot of travel later, and here we are again. But I'm always happy to hear from you guys every week. I do hope that you have a wonderful week, dear Mom. Please congratulate Makayla and Wyatt (if she said yes) for me! Wow, feel like Fiddler on the Roof already, time seems to pass super slowly but also super quickly as well. Cool to see how the Gospel of Jesus Christ outlives it all. He does live, and I'm super glad to represent Him now. I don't think there's any other thing I'd be doing right now. I guess it's my calling after all, but it's cool to see it be your life. Really changes a lot about you. I'll be doing a better job trying to see people how Christ sees them.

Phew, long email! But it was a good week. Thanks again for all you guys do and have done to help out. Love you all!