Sunday, April 23, 2017

April 17, 2017


This week:

Furniture moves, drug busts, finding and teaching, and tree-cutting-throwbacks!

I loved Easter as well! I'll definitely add my testimony that our Savior lives, and because of that, we all will live again!

Not certain if you got that picture that Sis. Churchill sent out last week of me underneath the floorboards, but like she said, the week started off by helping their family move furniture out of their home, which was severely damaged by water leak over their vacation. She and her sister live there with Bro. Churchill, and they are direct descendants of the original homesteaders. While there we also got the scoop on Syria and Korea, seems like the nation's gearing up again.

We also had a humorous experience worth sharing. We went by a LA family in Nespelem who we are working with. Only the youngest kid was there and said that we could try back a different time. When we were walking off their porch I noticed movement in their van that was parked on the driveway, and after approaching it we discovered that the rest of the boys in the fam were in there. Their cover blow, they opened the doors and we discovered that they were about to light up their weed so they could get high before shooting some hoops (they confessed they had literally nothing else to do)! We talked with them for a brief moment, mostly about high-school fights and other life-drama. But in the end we told them the weed stuff wasn't too good for them. Still, kind of funny to catch them right before that!

The rest of the week panned out alright, and we got to meet Nakai, the great-grandson of Sis. Cook, an elderly lady in the ward. He is 9, and he told us that he wants to get baptized! But the first lesson did confirm to us that we need to work on teaching simply a whole lot better! Heck, teaching in general, because we haven't had too many experiences teaching so far. But that's about to change too! Because in the past week or so we've had some serious finding-blessings. It's been a mission regulation to tract for at least an hour a day. And you know, every time we did, something happened! In Colville we got to meet with an elderly couple named Daniel and Patty, who after discussion accepted a Book of Mormon and Plan of Salvation pamphlet. Another occasion at 8:35ish led us to meet a young father Jaron who totally said we could come back in a genuine manner (I'm glad Elder Saitman convinced me to go into the evening that late), so we left him a Restoration pamphlet! A few days later we got in with an elderly retired hunter named Richard who was open to a spiritual thought. And after a lengthy conversation (he's a talker) he took a Book of Mormon and Restoration pamphlet too! And to top it off, we ran new potential investigator in Coulee City at the bottom of our area. So hopefully we can get something going across all the towns we are in. Still have yet to contact Mitzee though.

It was nice, it really was! On Saturday we were enlisted by a few brethren in the ward to go help out Garth Miller, a less-active but pretty cool guy, who had a tree fall on his garage. Since we couldn't get on the roof we resorted to hauling off the logs that the other guys cut off. Reminded me a lot of the wood parties! Until my back pulled. That hurt. But it came too in time for us to get most of the tree cut off and hitching the main trunk to Bro. Bond's Tundra. Only problem was the tree was wire-wrapped to a fence that wasn't budging. So after another hour of cutting, unraveling, come-alonging and more cutting, we finally pulled the big ole-thing off, partially irrigating his lawn in the process. He didn't seem to mind, it's a country home. Why we didn't just go get a grinder to but through the main wire, I have no clue. Everyone thought if we went for it we'd figure it out by the time we'd get back.

Still, it was fun working with wood again! But even better with what we have lined up for this week. I'm looking forward to it I'm not going to lie! But until then, know I love you all. Don't know how I'd be able to do all of this if it wasn't for you guys. I've really come to appreciate prayer. I've learned that taking time after prayer to listen for answers goes a long way. It's hard for the spirit to speak to you when you're out immediately doing something. Just a thought, and I hope it can help.

Love you!