Monday, June 12, 2017

June 5, 2017

Hey Mom!                                                                                           June 5, 2017

This week:

Funny phrases, and well..

Sorry to say, the past week wasn't terribly exciting as far as stories or anything like that goes. But it went well for what it was anyway!

I guess I could mention that we learned from transfer calls the official truth; I am staying in Coulee Dam for the last transfer, Elder Quast is the one who is to kill me. And as one member put it when I broke the news to him, I'm Dammed. Despite the rhetoric, we're actually looking forward to this next one. Because that gives us the chance to continue working with Jessie and Austin both leading up to and after the baptism. Scheduling with them is a fun game because they have their wedding this weekend in Montana, and then Jessie's baptism on the 16th. It's hectic, but she is super committed to do this! And Bro. Kershaw is there to explain things to her when we're not! 

Geeze, it's funny thinking it's been 23 months since I first came out. Even crazier to see life continuing to roll on after this one. But don't worry, I have no aspiration to get trunky anytime too soon. I haven't started My Plan quite yet but I am looking forward to it, I guess. Quast is happy because it means an extra hour to do something for him. Can't blame him. I think My Plan in essence is the how-to guide to make sure that you know how to date and all that for when you get off.

Meh, whatever it is, it'll be fun!

A few fun things now that I think about it. We had a few of those 4th-floor-last-door moments. The prominent one being when we knocked out an entire block or two, we ran into Matt and Liz, who are moving to Henderson. I related to them well for that, and they asked us if for the sake of time they could take a pamphlet. Hopefully the Plan of Salvation will ring something in them! We also volunteered our efforts to help pack too.

 During the knocking process I stepped out of the box and tried a few new things. For one, I asked a kind lady named Becky that even though she wasn't interested if we could lighten her day with a corny joke. She said it would be fine, and so it went a little something like:

"whaddya call a guy who assists farmers?"

"A Pharm-assist!"

*insert the joke drum

Turns out, she told us, that actually lightned up her day. Also got the opportunity to "think" a little in between doors. A member in the ward gave us the idea, and after adapting it to my personality, I gave it a try:

"I'm not interested boys, you're 7th-day..(looks at tags), Mormons!..."

"Yes sir, but I'm also a Christajewislamhuist. Just want to be right, you know?"

*closes door.

Also helped Bill and Megan move heavy furniture. That was fun because Tombstone was playing on their TV as we were moving stuff out into the trailer. Tender Mercies you know. Also went by a PI's home in Nespelem and met Travis instead, a Flat Head Indian who lives there now. Turns out he was super interested in learning more about what Mormons believe, because he's had a lot of LDS friends in Montana, but never talked to them about it. Cool!

And apart from getting eaten alive by flies on a couple occasions, the week progressed as they normally do. Jessie and Austin came to church, and we were able to teach them about Tithing as well! And it all ended on cake and milk too, so what can I say? The week was pretty awesome!

But above all else, Love you all! I'm glad to see you guys got the deal for the water fountain in Vegas. I'm certain it'll look lovely in the yard. Youth conference also sounded like fun, along with the Temple work too! Funny you mention Elder Ence, there's and Elder Ence in out mission who is a humor swag-machine. And yeah, I love reading the Book of Mormon for studies. And the Bible too! I often find myself saying stuff like, "gee, Alma and Paul would really hit it off you know?" Still, ready to hit the last one hard! This is going to be one heck of a transfer!

Yeah, and at the end of it, there's chick-fil-a and a chipotle burrito waiting! But more importantly, I will have done my duty and honored the Lord's name. And the family's on that note. More importantly, doing the Lord's work. He's saved me so many times from stupidity, and doing this thing for two years is the least I could do to repay Him for it. There's life ahead in His service you know! 

Love you all!


and a couple of pics too:

Me 'n FDR, Smokey's fat cousin, and a baby bull snake. Because you know, snakes.