Sunday, August 14, 2016

August 8, 2016

Hey Mom!                                                                                           August 8, 2016

This week:
Tragedy and broken chairs

Don't be alarmed by the week in words. It was a good week. But one of my go-to phrases is "well, that was tragic." And I have to say I found myself saying that a lot during the past week.

For one, the antics that the apartmentship pulled off seemed to be in the direction of trying to get a reaction out of me. I found myself cleaning the carpet with a carpet cleaner we borrowed from DJ, our service coordinator. As if it wasn't loud of enough using it in closed quarters, all of a sudden two ear-piercing shrieks filled the room as the other three elders threw our CO detectors in. When you un-plug them they emit this ultra condensed hertz wave that basically tells you you're getting poisoned. Anyway, I turned the cleaner off and threw those back into their room. They repeated the antic again while I was showering after getting the door open. And then on Thursday while I was leadership-planning in a different room than normal they threw my normal office chair off the balcony for no reason other than my neglect to pay them a few complements. I guess it was Elder Summit's chair by ownership rights, but still, I liked that chair. And this morning I learned that the door anchor I use for pull-up bands was thrown un-ceremoniously our the car window at the Hermanas by the anonymous subject of Elder Bee. The Hermanas never did pick it up, so I lost that. When I asked Elder Bee why, he told me because I was always mean to them.

That's just their attitude, and in honesty I kind of laughed about the chair. Sitting in a wood chair keeps me more attentive to studies. 

Then another night we were for some reason practicing grapple moves when the neighbor downstairs came up and pounded on our door, and now whenever we enter a certain apartment complex where the Hermanas live, the manager looks out his window because Elder Summit likes to floor over speed-bumps. Tiwi doesn't read those.

Fortunately the week wasn't too bad outside of that (that carpet shampoo-er was a really cool device). We got to talk to a former investigator named Jeff, who was an ROTC and JROTC instructor. A devout Baptist, but a very kind man. We were able to relate incredibly well due to his past, and he also helped me answer some education questions I had. So despite him telling us that he wasn't interested we still were able to have good discussions anyway! In the end, he was willing enough to take a copy of the Book of Mormon, and I got a hunch that our initial friendship was able to get us to a point that previously may not have been achieved.

But we have been doing a lot of member work, and that really has helped gain trust and friendship! It feels good being at church and being able to greet someone by name!

And other than that, we traveled to Selah for a great ZTM, and we also were able to get a return appointment to a nice fellow named Dave on Tuesday while knocking doors. Pray goes a long way, and I have faith that it will work out. Speaking of prayer, I had a cool experience yesterday closing my fast. I initially was going too at 4, but I got a feeling to wait to 4:30. When the time came I gave a really concentrated effort to it, and at one point I felt the spirit super strong with it. Then the weird thing happened, I found myself praying for things I hadn't thought of before! What I found myself praying for was beyond my own thinking, it was spiritually ingenious!

But it was a good week. I'd love to talk more, but we're bingo on time, so I'll wrap it up by saying thanks for everything! Prayer does go a super long way, like more than we think! 

Love you,