Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August 29. 2016

Hey Mom!                                                                                           August 29, 2016

Sounds like you guys had fun at the ranch with work. I know I would've had I been there to help. Rain's always played a funny little role up there. I remember when we were invited to the Cox family reunion by Gus in the entrance to Stout Canyon. It rained there, bigtime. One of the on-going jokes among the folks there is "who prayed for rain?" because it always seems like Heavenly Father's timing is humorous when it comes to weather.

Gee, it's weird enough to contemplate the differences between Ellensburg and Vegas, but also for Alton too, strangely. I'm really going to enjoy that place when it's all said and done. But even then, the world-famous Ellensburg rodeo and fair will be taking place this next week, and from they tell us the town really takes on a different perspective when that happens. Probably a little more tipsy than the Kane County fair, and even then we don't have any plans on attending. Which reminds me to ask, where's Alton serving at?

But this past week was one of mixed emotions among other things. Elder Ackerman's adjustment to missionary life went off to a wee rocky start. A blown lesson here and there didn't help in any way, shape or form, and eventually we had to discuss what we both could to do to improve. But fortunately, we were able to figure it out for both of us. I had a good reminder to address my pride the past week, and I saw that I need to stop thinking it like a "totem-pole" mindset for training. Don't worry, we figured it out, but Ackerman did do a really good job and letting me know that we are both equals on the same page here. And now we're getting along great! 

And along with that new unity came a new sense of the area! And already a new brick wall we unceremoniously ran into, too. If you recall Tyler, we got to meet with him a few times in the week, and we figured out that bottom line he prefers controversy and politics over spiritual matters. But he made us a deal after going over with him the importance of reading the Book of Mormon and seeking an answer from the Holy Ghost. He said that for every day he'd read and pray, we'd need to cut meat. Reason? I don't know, vegetarians...

Not that that's hard, I've handled cutting sugar to help Tandra quit smoking. But meat? Oh boy. I'm taking it in a comical sense for the sake of sanity. But still, while at dinner yesterday, over mac n' cheese and fruit, I mentioned how I was probably going to buy some tofu in substitute for my turkey bacon. Bro./Dr./Bishop Davis joked that me going from turkey bacon to tofu was going to lead me down a path to the left side. To which I responded that if that was the case then we'd probably go trade in the Corolla for a Prius or something. Anyway, I'm just praying that Tyler gets his answer sooner than we hope. For the right reason of course, but still, I may switch to real bacon when this is done for some time.

Other than that, had a couple-three work experiences this past week. We stopped by a former investigator named Tamara a few nights ago. As we pulled up and sat there for a minute, she’d pulled up and it was obvious that she saw us. Awkward, so decided to get out of the car and go tract from the top of the block down to her place. Well, it didn't really work. But we decided to knock the door next to hers, the last in the block. And we met this fellow by the name of Donald. We connected pretty easily. He liked Nintendo, I like Nintendo, Lord of the Rings, etc. When we start talking Gospel though, he mentioned to us that he's not much for church-going. He lost his mother and two brothers in a house fire some years ago. We talked about Eternal families with him, and in the end he said we could come back. Cool! It's cool to see how the spirit usually leads us on a different path we may not have expected. 

Love to talk a little more, but I'm having trouble summarizing in words the rest of the week. Glad to hear everyone is safe and sound with the work. Seems like Daniel always gets to operate equipment on a one-day crash-course in that field. Recalling Ray's bulldozer years back...Still, love you all! I pray for you guys, because we all need it some way or another. Something I'm coming more and more to learn, because there's no way in heck we could do this one alone. Not without God's help. Joseph Smith couldn't have done what he was able to do, ever, if it wasn't for God's hand. Christ will always minister to everybody, and His prophets too!

Still, love you Mom! I keep you and the fam in thoughts and prayers every day. We'll keep working here and things will keep getting better and better!