Sunday, February 14, 2016

February 7, 2016

Hey Mom!

This week:
Double exchanges, "Chuck Norris...", spiritual guidance, and Super Bowl L time adaptation.

I must say, it sounds like you guys are having some really awesome experiences in Maui! I am so glad that you guys are able to visit Paul like that. Family is such an important part of Heavenly Father's plan for us. 

You know, I can't really say that too much happened this past week. We had exchanges back to back with the District Leaders and Zone Leaders, so I left Elder Vejner in charge of the area for a day. When we met back up, he seemed pretty gassed. And when I told him that there was a potential chance he'd be doing it again for the other exchange he seemed rather un-willing. I kind of felt like stepping back into the shoes of C/Maj. Camit, so I told him "Elder, I can either teach you to follow, or I can train you to lead!" Our district leader liked that. Fortunately, I stayed in the area the next exchange. Still, things have been going awesome for us the past week!

I don't know why, but recently Vejner and I have been in a habit of humming/whistling Chuck Norris's theme. We were kind of bored one night and started talking about Chuck Norris jokes. We were thinking that if someone were to baptize Chuck Norris, their life would be complete. I know it's not the most ineligible thing every to report on, but go ask Paul or Daniel and they'll tell you all the crazy shenanigans they thought of during their mission off-time.

We did have one cool experience this past week. We were over on the edge of our area trying to see a less-active member. They weren't home, and so we decided to do some tracting to better our chances of work in that part of the area. Long story short, we got an impression to travel down this one road we previous hadn't been going for. Since we didn't have anywhere too particular to go, we heeded it, and started tracting a few doors down. A few contacts later, we found ourselves walking down the road again, but I recognized the route we took. Turns out that we were down in a part of the area we hadn't been too ever since we lost the car. There was a potential named Alyssa we hadn't seen because of said reason, and so we dropped by her place. The door was broken when she tried to open it, and so we helped her open it from the outside. We had given her material to help her quit smoking earlier, so we followed up on that. We asked if the boyfriend she lives with was now OK with us teaching her, and she told us that he had broken the door when he left her. Yeah, we didn't delve into that, but she said that she would accept us back to teach her! 

Hooray for heeding promptings! Go Humanity!(That's my new battle cry)

Another thing that happened was we were biking through the cemetery again, and we took a different way. We went by the veterans burial grounds, and lo and behold, we found a tank. Like a legit Tank, parked there. It was one of those "how long has that been there?" moments. 

You know, sorry to say, there's not too much I can say that has happened the past week. Everything else is kind of same-old-same-old if I'm honest. 

Oh, wait, actually, Super Bowl. There's the Super Bowl to talk about. We tried by the home of one potential, and after we rang the door bell, kid you not, we heard "OH MY (quacking) (quack) IF IT'S WHO I THINK IT IS..." she opened the door, and she immediately changed attitudes. When she was yelling, the only thing I was thinking of was the times Venegas told me the same thing in staff sometimes. Good times!

And we learned later on that the Broncos won.

Anyway, that was my week. Love all you guys, I hope that all of you are doing well. I appreciate you guys and all your prayers and love. Tell Evan I said hello!

Love you!
Elder Michael Camit