Tuesday, February 16, 2016

February 15, 2016

Hello dear Mother!

Dang, looks like a whole lot of my old buddies are beginning to roll out for missions. I'm proud of them! It's incredible to see just how much the Lord is opening the way for all of his children to serve him in any way that they can! After all, with so much to be done in the Lord's kingdom, hands are needed and appreciated.

I hope this doesn't alarm you, but while I was thinking about home this P-day, it occurred to me just how alien of a place Vegas seems to me now. I usually recall the weather and the people from both civilian and mission experiences there, and it's odd to see the contrast. Yakima's nice, and while I probably wouldn't like to live here, I still see it as a kind of "home" I guess.

Then again, transfers are next week, but I hope that I can stay. There is so much happening right now that I am looking forward to! The Lord has blessed us so much out here and I hope that I can still stay long enough to see how else He plans to bless us for the area.

In terms of the work, we had another great week! We found ourselves doing a lot of service at the processing plant where donated produce goes through. And also helped a member moved some furniture around. Still, proselyting went incredibly well. After service one day, some other elders dropped us off at a potential's home, but it fell through. So we began walking. We were thinking about where to tract as we walked, and I noticed this one street that we had tracted previously before. I got a prompting that we should go and tract the other side of the street. So we did that, and eventually we ran into a 17 year old named Austin. It was kind of awkward at first, normally we're used to talking to adults. So I kind of threw formality out of the window and started to talk to him about Dragon Ball Z and anime, since he was wearing a DBZ shirt. Come to find out he's a decently intelligent fellow, and when we asked about his religious background, he told us he's devout in a theological view about aliens and science and  expounded on the subject. Right, well we talked to him about the Book of Mormon and talked mostly about how science is God's creation for us to try to understand how everything works. I was feeling pretty faithful about it, so I decided to open to a scripture in BOM by random. Turns out I open to a scripture on how God sends Angels to converse with men, which was nice. We gave him the book, and he said he'd read it too! 

We stopped by a few nights later, and his Mom answered. When we got talking to her, she kind of had a "please help my son" vibe around her. But she also told us that Austin was reading the Book of Mormon, so you never know! For all we know, we may have a solid new investigator!

Another fun thing happened, while we were biking, we noticed a "book box" in front of a house. The concept of these boxes is pretty simple, put a book in, take another if you like. Well, you can probably guess what we did. We placed a Book of Mormon in there. Some days later, we rode past again, and some had taken it! We may do that again with our number in it. Hopefully if someone calls it's about an appointment and not someone telling us to stop putting those in the box. Eh, whatever.

Glad to hear that all is going great back home! I'm kind of short on time, but it's great to hear from everyone! Glad to hear that Smokes and Harley are doing great, among other things. Still, let me know what happens! I appreciate all the prayers that you guys are giving for the mission force, and I thank you for all the love and support you've shown so far! Keep up the good work!

Love you all!