Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016

Hello Mom!

Yeah, Elder Vejnar's a pretty relaxed fellow. But in a good way! He's learning the area well, and he'll need to too. 

But I can probably sum up a portion of my week into a simple phrase: I crashed into a stop sign. I know that's not terribly bravado or a very good crash story itself, but I did find it funny to realize that I wasn't turning hard enough on my bike around a curb, thing I know I'm on the ground right as a small school bus drove by. First thing I did was give the OK hand signal to the driver (for the sake of bearing). Safe to say that from their perspective it looked like a Mormon missionary straight-up biked right into a metal pole. 

That same day we got a phone call from the Zone Leaders with some interesting news; they're splitting our area. We had to negotiate (and by that I mean speaking freely) where the best split would be. In the end, we decided to keep the portion of our area with the most work in it at the moment, the West side, and then hand off the East side to the Sisters coming in to take over YSA. That being said, the Randall Park ward will now have a set of missionaries and sisters to cover for. Fortunately the YSA ward will take up most of their work. You know if I'm honest I feel like this probably will go to testify of my inability to be logical around girls, because it occurred to me later on that we had handed off the ghetto side of our area to them. Meh, we'll just have to hand off the pepper spray to them.

Even then, I probably won't have to worry too much about that, because believe it or not, I'm being transferred to Ephrata. Which is North by the Canadian border. I was pretty crushed to hear about that, our area was doing so well! We were told by Zone Leaders that we had the most work in the North district, and it was going outstanding the past week! One fun story was we were teaching Austin again the past week. We had an AWESOME lesson with him about the Restoration, and a few days later had a rough-as-heck Plan of Salvation lesson with him. But he still is open to hearing us and still feels the spirit around us. He told us himself. We also had a great lesson with Berta again in the cemetery. We had a member come out with us, and it was probably the greatest thing ever, sitting in a camp chair teaching a humble daughter of God about The Gospel of Jesus Christ at the gravesite of a loved ones. The spirit was so strong!

You know in lieu of transfers I've really come to know how Ammon kind of felt. He desired to serve King Lamoni perhaps until he died. Now that I'm leaving this awesome part of the vineyard, I feel like I am leaving another home. But the members tell me Ephrata is a good place. Either way, I know that the Lord needs me to be where I need to be. So I look forward with faith to where the horizon takes me again. 

Anyhow, thanks much for the prayers you guys have been giving me. With regards to birthday presents, I don't know. Surprise me!

Love you all!