Monday, August 31, 2015

August 31, 2015

Hey Mom!

First, thanks very much for you spiritual insight. I am truly blessed to have such great parents who have taught and reared me up in the gospel. I say this now because I thought my "week in words" sentence sort of interrupted the good feelings I had reading it, but anyhow,

This week:
Windows of Heaven, first week of school, the most interesting man on earth, of conservatism and roadkill, cruel ironies and ward parties, and a Thorough-good run in!

Still, keeping in the spirit on things, Kempton and I were incredibly blessed this last week! To start, we were in the "awkward hour" of 8-9 at night when we decided to go and try a referral that Elder Holt and I had received my first week out. We had tried many-a times, but with little success in meeting him in person. Well finally we go over there this last week at that late hour, and whaddya know, he's out in his garage! His name is Dave Matthews (fancy that), he's a big black guy who was very friendly to us. And when we finally met him, we were very much pleased to see he was searching on of his own intent. He wanted to know more about the LDS church from the direct source, and readily accepted not only a Book of Mormon, but downloaded the pamphlet app in his Iphone as well! He told us he would read it, and we even set a return date. Awesome!

We also had a lesson with a certain McClain family. They were member referral and we were happy to see that the wife is definitely interested and the husband is also interested in learning more. He even asked us about church, and we hadn't even mentioned it yet! And we also may have a new investigator in the other ward as well if we can catch them.

So we had 3 new investigators this week! Outstanding! The first week of school certainly helps in the sense of scheduling. Everyone is back onto a more predictable schedule now.

Oh yeah, and we also met with a member in the other ward who kept dropping bombshells on us. We visited his home after some plans fell through at the awkward hour (we had a member with us), and he let us in. In the next hour we learned that this guy collects and displays guitars, knives, and has four aquariums, two of which contain GIANT piranhas. About two feet long. He also showed us his guns, and he told us about his experience raising five Alaskan wolves and two falcons, and he had the crematory urns to prove it. He also forged a couple of broadswords that he hung on his wall, that he both made and can fight with, and he had so much recording devices that it filled up half of his living room. In a sense, he was hoarding really cool stuff. 

And meanwhile Kempton and I road killed a chipmunk. Our staunch conservatism only resulted in us laughing to death after. But the next day, I did feel sort of bad when other chipmunks were kind of approaching their flattened comrade like they were slowly realizing who it may have been.

I've also had to attend a ward party this past week at a swim pool at a rec-center, outdoor. It really wasn't that bad watching people swim. They were enjoying themselves, and we had a different job to do. But a more crueler irony is that I thought that Kempton having a gluten-free diet would result in healthier eating. I was wrong. 'Cause it turns out that every time someone gives us sweets for free, I'm the only one who can eat it, and I hate wasting food! 

But I had the perfect run-in to help that out. When we were at a Why I Believe fireside Sunday, Bro. Thoroughgood walked in. Of course I talked with him afterward, and I learned that he had moved to the Willows and is still an active member! And then he asked me if I was still exercising, motioning to my gut. Moment of Clarity. So today I gave all my sweet food we had been given to our DL's, Elders Tonn and Larson. So I am now RECOMMITTED to lose weight. Get some!

Other than that, that was our week. Enjoy your guys's time at the ranch! Please send pictures if you can! Brooke has sent me some fantabulous pictures last couple of weeks! Love you all, take care, and remember that the Lord guides us all through prophets these days, and always will until He will rule on this Earth again. I know that will happen and I know that this is true.

Take care, love you Mom!

Elder Michael Camit