Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015

This week:
Elder Kempton, angry preachers, with Tonn again, praying in Mandarin, unfortunate family ties, and other hooplah!

Elder Holt is gone. I don't mean that existentially, he's just gone home. I guess he was my missionary Dad. I still have a half-decent time grasping that concept. But Elder Kempton is a good guy. He understands the concept of pre-missionaries, but it took a couple of days to get used to him. In truth, he's a bit of nerd. But we're coming along to see our strengths and already I think we're making a good companionship.

But one of the first impressions we had of each other is when we were going to dinner, and happened upon this man who we contacted as normal, stating we were missionaries. He responded that He was our missionary instead. Immediately the thought "ah crud this guys wants to bash" flagged in my head. Sure enough the first thing he asked us after that is that if we were aware that the Savior warned of false prophets. He went off of that. Slammed on Joseph Smith (who's name he never mentioned), the idea of celestial inheritance (based off his concept of divinity and astronomy), yadda yadda yadda. I just stood straight, toothless smiled, and tuned out. Kind of like I would do with Captain or Venegas. Kempton took it a bit more personally. I intervened between them when I sensed it was getting a little heated. I just bore my testimony to him about what I knew to be true in heart. It didn't calm him down, but I knew that contention never solved anything, so we just left shortly after that.

If anything, I was more ticked at his claim aliens didn't exist. The hopes and dreams I have of joining the Space Force in the future certainly didn't like that. 

But funny thing, because of him snamuing our schedule, we were able to contact several potential investigators, a less active sister, and also get a couple of return appointments!


But on a more working note, we had exchanges with Tonn and Larson again. And I went with Tonn again. We had a pep rally that morning, so that killed my time with him down to only about 3 hours (we had to exchange again early). Still, we actually got a long a lot better than last time. 

And I forgot to mention that Elder Kempton actually had all the Piano Guys songs, and the whole Lamb of God performance on USB. Sooooo, I guess I didn't actually need those CD's. Sorry. But don't worry, I'll be seeing you guys in one transfer anyway. 

In terms of teaching, Ruby is coming along, and I could tell the last time we saw her that she is starting to grasp it. She still has a long way to go, but we invited her to say the closing prayer, and she said it in Mandarin. I didn't understand any of it, but I could feel the Spirit telling me it was for things worthwhile. It's fun to know that God speaks all languages, and that his Spirit can be felt in anyone across the world who accepts or is accepting his Gospel. I love how I have seen that!

We were also able to teach a lesson to a certain Irvin. He's a single adult who lives with his aunt and uncle. He has a slight mental condition, and he even accepted the invitation to baptism when we asked him. We were feeling pretty good about him afterward, until we met his aunt in the neighborhood afterward. I immediately identified her as the local anti. All she told us was that she never wanted us to come back again in one of those "this is my world" tones. She had nothing on Venegas. But because of Irvin's condition, we can see how legal action would get involved, so unfortunately we had to drop him. For now, whether in this life or the next.

But I got to cut this a little shorter. So glad to hear about Aunt Teresa and her children! Also glad to hear about Brooke and Jordan as well, along with Daniel and Hannah. He actually emailed me this week! Did he tell you of the experience he had with the Italian family at Brick Oven? Because I thought that must've been so special!

Anyway, take care. Thanks for all you guys have done for me! I guess that is the case, Mom. There's no one to send off to school anymore. That must feel kind of surreal not getting up and making breakfast. Did I ever tell you how much I loved and appreciated you for that? Because I really did. And I remember you telling me I could pay it all back by being a good boy, so I will!

Love you all!