Monday, August 24, 2015

August 17, 2015

August 17

This week:
First transfer, Rain storms, Road rivers, Learning Mandarin, Ross J's Hawaiian kitchen, Holt's farewell, good ole' Elder Tonn, and Winnie the Pooh songs!

Yeah, we got hit by that HUGE rainstorm Thursday. I've heard of black-outs, white-outs, red-outs, but this was the first time I have ever been caught in a grey-out. Visibility was still good, but it was literally dumping gallons a second over here in Henderson. so much so that certain streets became rivers and we couldn't even see Black Mountain. We took cover inside the home of Bro. Leo's mother, Sister Chapman. She is a very sweet and kind elderly lady. Her family addresses us as "brothers" and she offered us some wafer cookies and a buttered homemade tortillas. During which, yes, the power went out. I've included a video I made during it in the email.

In terms of teaching, we had a chance to slightly visit the Acosta's. We're still working with them, albeit Sis. Acosta works for MGM and has a booked schedule. But shoot...I Just KNOW they're ready. I can feel it! I pray for them every day and that we will somehow find the opportunity to teach them! We also stopped by JR's place, he's doing well. We hope to get him to church and all that. But we taught Ruby again, and she's progressing both in her knowledge of the gospel and in English as well. The Simpsons have been crucial in fellowshipping, they bring such a good spirit, and they can translate some harder terms for her into Mandarin. Holt tried to remember the term for priesthood (I'm not even going to attempt pronunciation) and got the last part of it wrong, resulting in the term "Holy Pig" instead. Language can be funny sometimes, maybe I'll pick up Spanish sometime.

But we found a great place for Hawaiian BBQ this last week called Ross J's Hawaiian kitchen. One of the members took us there for dinner. His name is Bro. Deverra and he's from the Big Island. I asked him if they offered Kama'aina discounts, but he told me that only locals eat there anyway. And yeah, it was good. Definitely had the portions right. Got my fix of chickens katsu and Hawaiian Sun i! It's off of Sunset and Sunset if you're interested, you guys'd love it.

Also, Holt is going home tomorrow! Back to South Bend Indiana for him. Funny though, he's staying there for only a week before driving (and yeah driving) to Utah state. His Mom's going with him. Are you going to do that Mom? Drive to Rexburg with me when I get home? I think I would really enjoy that.

And we also had a hilarious incident with Elder Tonn this last week at district meeting. He was telling a story that related to the lesson when he did a dramatic pause. The sister's in front thought he had stopped and proceeded to ask him questions. He responded very calmly "You didn't let me finish my story. You are sadly mistaken..." in front of the whole district. We all had to stifle laughs during that.

In addition to good times, I've brought back a lot of my Winnie the Pooh songs to lighten up the moment. Particularly "up, down, touch the ground" But after all the fun stuff that happens, I still remember my purpose out here.

I really did like the story of Peter you sent me. It's true on how the work is rolling forward. I found a scripture in the Book of Mormon in Alma about how the Lord sends his teachings to all of his children across all nations, and it gives me hope that maybe one day the gospel will be taught to all people upon the Earth. I don't know how the Lord would do it, but He has an infinite amount of ways to accomplish his purposes upon the Earth.

And yeah, I am so glad that this church is run by a prophet who speaks directly from the Lord Jesus Christ. This world is getting rockier every day, and I don't even need to watch the news to sense the change. But when we root ourselves on the rock of our Redeemer, driving down into the rock rather than waiting to sink in, we will be strong, together across the world.

Other than that, the week has been pretty good! I really appreciate the love and support you guys have shown. Thanks for your prayers, and keep in mind I'm already half through my first part of the pre-mish! Can't wait to see what happens next transfer, I heard my new comp, Elder Kempton's his name, is gluten free.

Take care, and remember that I love you guys!