Monday, January 9, 2017

January 9, 2017

Hey Mom!                                                                                                

This week:
4th quarter, clear cold and snow cover, teaching well, moving trailers, "Galtwin," and more bread!

Glad to hear the house is coming along? So, what are you deciding for flooring and all that? I've always wondered what a house that we designed looked like. As a matter of fact, I always found it funny to recognize how skilled you guys are to do that type of stuff. Either way, keep me updated on how it looks! 

As for us in Moses Lake, things progressed really well this past week! I guess apart from more important matters it's official; I'm in the last quarter of the mission. And dang, it's awesome so far! The only down-side for us was the weather. Weekly, the high was about in the late 20's, the low dipping down to about 2-4 Fahrenheit with wind-chill. On Sunday it snowed all day long and dumped more snow on Moses Lake than the city's seen in the past few years! So we spent all of last night shoveling people's walks and pushing 2-wheel drive cars up steep driveways. 

But on a more work basis, something pretty cool happened! So a gal named Kristen came to church last week our of the blue, and bishop was able to set up a lesson for us in his office with her on Tuesday! We and a few members of the RS were there, and I'm not going to lie, that lesson was probably one of the best lessons that I've ever got to be in. Never mind how we taught and all, the spirit was super strong, and there was such a clear feeling to what the spirit was having us teach! Kristen felt it too! She loves likening the scriptures, so she was super excited to start the Book of Mormon, and she also said that she'd get baptized when she came to know of it's truthfulness! We and the members there immediately bonded with her, and there was such a great feeling of family during it.

What was funny was that as we were walking out of that lesson we got text-dropped by another pair of investigators. Cory and Danielle had been meeting with elders for a while, and although they told us they were going a different route, they were super appreciative of all we and the ward did to help them out. Bittersweet, but the Lord has a timetable much more expansive than ours.

But I'll tell you this much, we had a lot more humorous experiences this week than I've seen in a while. On Tuesday we helped the friend of a family in the ward move out of a trailer. When we got to his place it was clear that we'd be getting our hands dirty. The guy hadn't been very good to keep things in order for one thing, the fact that he was getting evicted that very day didn't help with packing either. After we helped him and his boys load up a truck full of random items they ran off to their storage. That's when a posse of youth showed and leaders showed up to help. They did a lot. The guy had an entire room that wasn't packed, so for the next two hours we broke things down and boxed stuff up. One of his sons stayed behind to help. He wasn't terribly proud of his Dad's way of living, but he was super appreciative of the ward's help. 

I think that's a mental side-effect of the mission, you learn what not to do in life in terms of living. 

We also bonded more with the zone by adopting "twitter" names for each other. Not certain if it's real or not, but in the end it's basically a heads-up text about spiritual/amazing things that happened to us during the day. Elder Mayes and I settled for the callsign Camaezmint. Elder Dalton and Goodwin (who are the type of guys I straight up hang out with) in 5th ward settled for the glorious title of Galtwin. Not certain why I find it so funny, it just sounds so dumb! Galtwin. *Sigh...I see myself gaming with these guys when we're all done!

And I made more bread this past week too! Elder Mayes came down with a small flu, and so after deciding we'd take the day for recovery (a wise guess because it snowed later on), I figured I'd pull another recipe from the Jones' Bread Illustrated book. This time settled for making some Challah, which is a sweet bread shaped in a dense 10-inch braid, with another smaller braid baked on top. It was really good! I think I'll get myself that book when I return.

Yep, life rolls and and life is good! Thanks again for all you guys have done to help me out with! Always remember that I love you guys. Don't know what I'd do without you! Seriously, I don't.

Love you