Sunday, January 22, 2017

January 16, 2017

Hey Mom!                                                                                           January 22, 2017

This week:

Going sub-zero, teaching my pre-mission self, pizza 'n more pizza, chocolate babka, and more!

Wow, just reading about your experience at the interior store was starting to mentally exhaust my mind! But it sounds like the house is coming along like clock work! I hope at least.

To answer your health question, I didn't get sick. And I don't think it was the flu. I am really grateful that we live with the Jones family where they allow us to read their books when we're stuck inside for sickness. I guess you could say I broke during that and read a few pages of the Complete Adventures of Winnie the Pooh and a compilation of Medal of Honor recipients.

There's weren't too many spiritual highlights of the week, although the spirit was super strong nonetheless for what did happen! We got to read with Kristen 1 Nephi chapter 1, and she also accepted a baptismal date! But we agreed to keep it loose to accommodate her schedule because we can't get any contact information from her. While we were closing the lesson, her friend Bree walked in and started to listen with her. And in the end, they both committed to coming to church! Find when you teach moment! Unfortunately they didn't actually come, but we're still going to work with them! We also got to teach with the 10th ward sisters to a referral given to us, for a fellow attending their ward named Sky. That was a great lesson! Spirit was felt really well.

I guess you could contribute part of the slow in work to the weather and our lack of wheels. The record of coldest temperature worked in was broken on Thursday night when the sky cleared up and it dropped down to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. We walked to the Garza', a friendly family who met with missionaries before, and after a very lovely visit with them, walked back. Both ways, I could start to see icicle drops form on my eyelashes, and when I looked in the mirror back at home, my balaclava was iced over where I normally breathe. I actually have to give deep thanks for sending me the new boots, they work as well as the galoshes, and a third of the weight!

Last week we also got to go with Bishop Allred to meet with a couple named Sage and Kaylee Utter. They're less-active, and Bishop asked us to see if we can start teaching them. Sage has Asperger, and so when I explained my brief case to Bishop, he immediately knew I was at the right place and right time to meet with Sage. So on Tuesday we went over to see them again to get to know them. I decided to take Bishop's advice to see if our personalities line up. And you know, he wasn't off too much! We sat down with him, and so we just got talking to him about the things he loves to do, which basically curtailed my pre-mission life. Youtube, video games, and good graphics. Elder Mayes was also a gamer before too, so the three of us really hit it off!


And now's the part where I confess that in an effort to ultimately gain his trust, we also allowed him to showcase some newer games to us. I know, not the best action ever. But in the end we got to make a new friend! And he's perfectly cool with us coming by to teach lessons.

We also had one of those episodes where we got fed pizza for three days straight. Not as bad at pasta for a week, but still, when Sis. Pack dropped off dominos on the third day she said that she had hoped that we hadn't been getting fed pizza for everyday the past week. She, along with Bro. Jones found it hilarious when I told them the truth. To wrap it all up, Elder Mayes came down with the plague again on Saturday, so we stayed inside after going around with Bishop Allred again trying by more LA  members. This time, I made some chocolate babka, which is a fluffy sweet bread with chocolate swirls baked into it. You know, it came out pretty good! I would suggest the cookbook Bread Illustrated if you ever see it. know that's about it. I hope you guys stay safe with all the snow that's being blown around and all that! Moses Lake has been getting some pretty heavy snow as well. But we march on! I can't blame people for saying we're crazy. I prefer peculiar, and you know, Hoorah for Israel!

Love you all!