Monday, November 23, 2015

November 16, 2015

Hello Mom!

This week:
Back to the buzz cut, Raking leaves, colder weather, teaching children, pre-Thanksgiving feasts, and inspired tracting!

Yes! Your guess was correct! The beanie was the thing I needed. And just in time too! Last P-day we went to a barbershop so I could get a haircut (Elder Beatty offered to do it. I turned him down). Knowing me you probably knew what happened; I got concerned with sounding competent about how I wanted my hair trimmed, and eventually when we got there I just told the lady to do 3 on sides and 5 on top (my cadet cut). She could only do 4 on top, so I settled with that instead. I'm not going to lie, my head's been getting colder because of it, but the hat came just in time. Additional thanks for the other things as well, I had fun telling Beatty about all the Staff shenanigans I was involved in Senior year.

So the routine followed pretty standard the past week, the days seemed to repeat themselves frequently, but we did have a few pretty cool experiences. Probably the biggest one was we arrived to a members home for dinner earlier than she expected. It being dark, we thought about just sitting in our car and waiting when I had a hunch that we ought to knock on the doors on her street instead. It wasn't really an inner conflict, it just kind of seemed more productive. So we did, and about 6-ish doors in we met this one guy named Art. Art seemed happy that we came by, and told us he had a Mormon friend in the ward, whom we knew. We scheduled a time to visit back with him, and he gladly said we were welcome too! Holy linoleum! A new potential who already had a friend. And to think we could've just sat in the car and waited! We offered a quick prayer of thanks after that one.

We also had the privilege of meeting a certain man named Jose this last week. He was keenly interested in what we had to say, and he shared with us how he wanted to become a "warrior" to God. We walked down to a local Mexican restaurant where we sat a talked over glasses of water. We are really looking forward to meeting him more often, he has a sincere desire to hear our unique message. We left him with a Book of Mormon along with the Restoration pamphlet, so we hope the best for him. I do hope he starts to feel the spirit more in his life, because he's felt it before!

Every year Yakima has a community leaf rake, and so we had the opportunity to participate in that. All the missionaries in our and two other districts showed up for it, and we had a good turn out! We raked this huge yard that an elderly widow owned, and it definitely felt good to be giving service to our fellow Brothers and Sisters. Sunday, Elder Beatty and I were asked to give talks on the basic beliefs of the LDS church. I taught the Restoration, and Beatty the Plan of Salvation. Later on, we were able to teach the Restoration again to the grandchildren of an elderly sister in the ward. I've found it different teaching children rather than adults about the gospel. Children carry such a wonderful spirit around them. We invited all of them to baptism, and they said they would! The rest of their family is less active, so I hope that this will really re-invite the spirit more abundantly back into their lives.

There was also the ward Thanksgiving party a few days ago, and it was another awesome opportunity to get to know more people! And you a lot of pie. 

Sorry if my Betty Crocker stories caused you to have concern. We have been getting fed really well by the ward the past few weeks. Only occasionally do we eat at home, and even then I'm usually clever enough to remember our experiences cooking to make something worth-full. Elder Beatty on the other hand....let's just say he's a goner when it comes to cooking. But he's a cool companion, we get along great! The jerky helped a lot with that, too.

Not to many other things are happening this week. I suppose that it's important to remember that the Lord's work is composed by those moments where the spirit is manifested through you, and we had a good week in terms of teaching by the spirit. Thanks again for your insight, I guess we all have different reactions to the spirit, and some are more emotional than others. But nevertheless, God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and as such the Holy Ghost still speaks to us in ways that we understand. We just need to listen for them. I love and appreciate all of you and what you have done to teach me to walk in the light. It sure hasn't been easy to do so, but the rewards for faithfully following the Lord's will, no matter where we are, are just as limitless as they are unique! 

But still, thanks for you love Mom! I still wonder what would I do without you and Dad and all the good, yet slightly painful, lessons I've learned in my life!

Love you!