Thursday, November 5, 2015

November 4, 2015

Hello Mom!

I'm forgoing the week in words for now. A LOT OF THINGS HAPPENED this last week, and I'm not certain I can narrow it down.

But, this week! Man oh man, where do I start?

OK, on a spiritual sense, we have been getting referrals rained on us this past week. I've got a good feeling that the ward members are starting to trust us a little bit more, so we are able to work more fully with them. One that we contacted are this elderly couple named Bob and Priscilla. They are a sweet old couple, but Priscilla's going through some mental challenges right now because of a series of procedures she's been through, but I can tell that she is sincerely interested in us teaching them! We were also walking in the park a few times, and on both instances we shared a pass along card, and during the other, actually had a good spiritual discussion with this one lady by the name of Sandy. We talked a lot to her about faith and hope for the future despite the turmoil of the times we live in. It was good!
Believe it or not, but we actually may have found a new investigator tracting as well! I'm not going to lie, I wasn't really expecting it, but this guy named Mark opened his door to us, and straight up said that he would like us to come back! I just hope it all goes well.

Yakima has some beautiful parks. I took a picture from the shade of a tree, and have attached it. I'm not going to lie, I really like this one. I almost thought it may be good enough to sell to Microsoft for desktop pics or something.

Halloween was good, not very eventful, but we did get to go in early for it. The trunk 'r treat went swell as well, and we were able to talk to a lot of people during it too. We also tried out this one brother's salmon ladder. A salmon ladder is when you do a pull up and then try to use the upward momentum to move the actual bar upward to a higher anchor on built frame. I couldn't do one. Beatty could do three!

We also went to the temple today. The closest one is in Columbia River, and while small, I could feel the spirit there a lot! I am so grateful for the blessings that we can receive in the temple. I love this gospel, how it doesn't change but rather is revealed! I've come to love that Article of Faith.

We do a lot of service here in Yakima. This past week and a half we did some veggie sorting at the local food bank donation center, and we also had the awesome opportunity to go and pick apples in an actual orchard. Darn, I forgot my camera for that, but I can now safely say that I ate two apples right off the tree. And they were good apples too! What an appropriate Gospel-related theme, harvesting fruit.

I was pretty glad to hear you guys helped Brooke out the way you did. It must've been bad if Dad said it was worse than his mission pads. Still, happy she's doing fine so far. And the kittens that Daniel and Hannah have right now sound so wonderful for them! Is it possible you can send me a picture?

Love you all! Hope all is going fine for everyone. I'm keeping my hand in good condition, and I hope that we all remember that Christ is the Lord, and as we approach the holiday season we can remember the gift that He is, and the gift He gives to all of us! Even the chance for eternal life!

Love you,

Elder Michael Camit