Monday, July 27, 2015

July 27,2015

Hello Mom!

Clogged sinks, the HOA, old people, new investigators, and other shenanigans

Wow. Sounds like I missed a truly epic family reunion! Everyone must have had a lot of fun! But, the big mean missionary machine must roll forward, so I remain out here.

The crutches on the bike rack only lasted for a few miles. We decided it was best to keep it a one-time gag. 

It's been a really great week for us! For one, it was below 100 most of the week, and another, we found a couple new investigators as well! We had dinner with this lady named Cindy who is a single mother with her son, Shawn. We had a member of the ward come with us, and we got to know her family more. Turns out she had lived in Orem for some decent time, so she knows plenty about the church, but she came down here after she divorced her husband. I connected well with her son, he's an avid gamer. But if they become members it'll probably be a long-term conversion effort.

We also met this one guy in the same neighborhood named Jose. Holt and I street contacted his sons in their garage one evening and they said we could stop by again for a prayer in home. It took two times, but Jose did invite us in when we tried again a few days later. He was really stern at first, and funny thing, he abruptly opened the door on us and demanded I hand him what was in my hand, which was a restoration pamphlet. Fortunately, as soon as he learned we weren't Jehovah's Witness he relaxed a lot and became much more friendly. He was interested in our message because he was looking for a church and we left him with the pamphlet and Book of Mormon. When we returned for the 1st lesson we brought a Spanish one and we could feel the spirit as we taught him. The member we had with us was a certain Bro. Irvin and he did a good job contributing. Jose said that he would read it and we're  excited to see where he goes with that. But we may have to pass him off to the Spanish missionaries, but we really hope we can teach him.

We also re-established contact with a former investigator named JR. He's a nice fellow who has a wonderful home that's decorated with the colors, smells, and antiques of the desert. He's been to everywhere in Nevada, and would like to come to church, but has asthma problems and doesn't like how all the perfume in the congregation hits him there. We are thinking about giving him a blessing and getting him re-interested.

We had another lesson with Bro. Denninis, and Bishop accompanied us. Not much to say about that one, but we showed him the Patterns of Light videos by Elder Bednar. He's kind of waiting for an "aha-moment" to tell him to convert, but we have faith he will come to learn for himself.

Outside of teaching lessons, though, things are lot more rougher. I've found out that old people really have a habit of chewing us out whenever we meet someone who wishes to speak their minds. This past week we knocked on a less-active's door and his wife appeared and started to give us one of those feminine "This is what is wrong with you" talks. It wasn't pretty. Kind of like some of the phone calls I've heard the girls on staff make to their boyfriends if I'm honest. Then a few days later we were trying to get into the side gate of the same gated community, our remote wasn't working, and this old lady pulled up and basically told us to get out. So we took the main gate instead. Remote just worked fine, and we waved at the guard post as well! We happened to drive by that same lady's house, and we made brief eye contact as we drove by. Ahhhhhh, sweet, sweet, circumstances.

Oh, and the HOA hates us too! Turns out when someone reports us after spotting us in the neighborhood, one of the member's who live there (the one who gave us the remote) gets a fifty dollar fine. Oh well.

We also have an awesome ward mission leader named Bro. Hernandez. We call him coach Leo. He's fearless when it comes to sharing the gospel. When we were at Buffalo Wild Wingz, he contacted our waitress, who gave us her number, and when we brought him with us to knock on doors, after a day of no action, everyone opened up and we got to at least give a pass-along card away or actually went in and sat down and talked.

Anyway, he said that if you guys needed to send a package, just send it to him. I don't have his address, but I'll get it too you. 

We also clogged the kitchen sink. I learned that not all disposals are un-stoppable (I was dumping a month-old mac salad down the drain). After trying to clear it our ourselves, which made it worse, we broke down and called some members for drain-o. It worked, and now our fridge is less empty again!

Yeah, that's about it for the week. Holt shouldn't be on crutches for too much longer, but we keep going.

Glad to hear everyone is doing fine, it must've been nice to have everyone at the reunion again!

Take care,