Monday, July 20, 2015

July 20, 2015

Dear Mom,

Well, glad to hear that the family reunion is going well so far. I'm not going to lie, I am a little bit bummed myself that I won't be there. But, there's greater things to do out here!

I also learned that anyone can email me besides family! Funny, I never knew that was a rule. That being said, would you kindly let Mckay know that he and my other buddies can email me if they want (him because he has all the class contacts). It would be nice to answer more emails every week, we actually have a good portion of time in the family history center for internet use. And it would also be nice to be able to email people about hobbies and time wasters rather than missionary work. (You can email Michael at

We still haven't gotten i-pads yet, but I hear they're coming! Personal study is by far one of my favorite parts of the day. Funny, I kind of feel like that being out here gives me a greater appreciation for the scriptures. I'm also reading out of Jesus the Christ by James Talmadge, and I have found it to be a most satisfying commentary. That and Our Heritage. Either way, morning study along with companion study make the day have a good start. Elder Holt and I daily hold good discussion on the scriptural doctrine. He's from South Bend, Indiana, and has a conservative outlook. In terms of comparison to The District, it's decently on point. Planning does a pretty significant job in our lives.

I also had some pretty special experiences with teaching the last week. In order to keep my anti-sentimental attitude that I hold so dear, I will just say that we were teaching an investigator who has been learning for six years. His name is Bob, and his wife is a member, and he is having trouble converting because he fears that he would need to forsake his Catholic heritage. I felt at heart I needed to speak to him, and when I spoke, it was....errr....poetic. I bore testimony to him that despite what conflicts are inside us, we need to take that step into the dark relying on the Savior to help and guide us. I could feel the spirit, and I must say, it was odd to have whatever wall erected around my emotions melt. 

On another note, we did find some new potential investigators. One is named Cindy, who has a son who had questions about what missionaries do. She had been taught in Utah 15 years ago, and so we hope to maybe re-start the process, even though she told her son that there was no religious obligations. There was another Sandra, who accepted a blessing contact (just an invitation for us to pray in their homes), and from another fellow named Austin. 

 Funny story, we went to try again to speak to a flaky inactive member, but after he didn't answer we decided to knock on the neighbor's door to see if he knew anything. An elderly guy answered with a glass of wine in hand, and after telling us he didn't know anything about his neighbor told us we were nuisances and to go screw ourselves and that he believed we were working way to hard for way too little results. I had to stifle a chuckle at how low and calmly he said it. Holt does a good job holding back irritation, but he also seems to take things a little more personally. We told the guy that  even if we left without one convert, we would still return better men. And after he told us to get off his front steps I told him to take care. Walking back, I kind of felt like laughing out loud for how similar his spiel sounded to the ones Venegas used to give us.
I thought it was hilarious!

Holt's also on crutches now, he had a hair line fracture in his foot from overuse (walking, I guess), so we've been slowed down for a little bit. So far, no one has swallowed the sympathy card.

That's about the last week. Mission life is pretty awesome, I'm not going to lie! I feel more energized and productive having to wake up at certain time and going to bed at certain time, and it feels nice to be responsible for your own actions. 

I've also included a couple of pictures from the week, and none of them have me in it! Sorry, but I figure you guys already know what I look like and quite frankly it's hard to find someone to take a picture for your when you're proselyting. 

Besides, every time we get going, I can look across the valley and see Redrock casino! So I can still see home from where I'm at.

Anyhow, hope the reunion goes well. Please send me pictures. I would really appreciate that. Remember that I love you all, and for those of you reading this on the blog who I have no idea as to whom you are, chances that I would like you anyhow!

Best regards from heck on Earth (temp wise)