Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December 5, 2016

Hey Mom!                                                                                           December 5, 2015

This week: Nothing too exciting...tragically. Um...we got a pizza? 

Well, glad to see you guys were spared from a T-bone accident. I guess God's not quite ready with your guys's reception party! Having the temple as part of your trip probably helped a lot as well too! Funny though, I've never heard of Dad being the one to almost get in an accident🤔.

As for the idea you had about the Christmas money, I think it would be a great idea to help someone out with! We'd have to get a plan laid out to utilize it to it's max, but in the end I guess as long as we serve someone this Christmas season. Either way, the best spirit we can feel is that of love and service. Nothing else beats that too much! And to answer your question, our Christmas party is actually tomorrow

I also loved the Christmas devotional as well. What Pres. Eyring talked about really helped build an eternal truth I didn't quite grasp until last year's Christmas. Who says that it's just a Christian holiday? The world perhaps, but Christ did live and die for the whole wide world. We celebrate the birth of the same divine being who became our Mediator with the Father, the Prince of Peace. His love is there for us, all of us. That's why we celebrate!

In terms of excitement this past week, there's not much to say. We did get to briefly visit the creche-festival at the church, and for the time we were there it was very special seeing all the displays that people put so much time into to commemorate Christ. We didn't stay for too long though, we didn't have any investigators come with us, and we didn't want to appear like we were ducking in just to get a break. But we know the members of the ward are good enough to get that part of the job done.

On that note, the family we helped someone from 7th move in, the Sanzones, said we could come by and teach them tomorrow! They have a daughter that goes to 7th ward mutual, and they've always been impressed by the family emphasis the church has. Hooray for family! We also got the chance to tract into a few great people who said we could come back too. One of them was a lady named Velma, and when we tried back her husband, Ishmael let us in in the middle of the Washington-Colorado game that was going down. It was clear that everyone's mind was on the game, so we just talked and set up a return appointment. Still! They mentioned having missionaries over before, so you never know what can happen.

I guess on a more humorous note, we were almost attacked by a giant tumbleweed last night. And even then it wasn't that exciting. Just biking in the dark when all of a sudden our low-power bike lights caught a 5 ft. Tumbleweed plant directly in front of us. At first I legitimately thought it was a monster of sorts, but then we swerved around it and saw it was just a giant ball of dried twigs, or whatever the heck those things are made out of. Looking back I do wonder what it would've been like biking into it. Meh, another time perhaps.

Yeah, it wasn't all shock-and-awe this past week. I guess you could say the pinnacle of action was watching a few C-5 and C-130's line up for landing, the weather plummeting to the low 30's, singing Christmas hymns at the Alzheimer home (Sis. Berenado's lessons are coming in handy for that one), and giving a Book of Mormon to a lady named Margaret! She's from Kenya originally and loves God and all good Christians. She also had a nice impression left of the church by past missionaries as well. She was ready to let us in due to the cold, but we couldn't due to us not having another man with us. We bore testimony of the Book and on eternal families, and she seemed pretty keen on reading it! 

Anyhoo, hope you guys have another great week in December. Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year I've come to know. I love the spirit of Christ, and the smell of cookies too! I hope you guys take the time to appreciate the simple things in life this season. And I also hope you get the chance to build some snowmen too! I always loved Christmas time at the ranch. 

Love you all!