Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14, 2016

Hey Mom!                                                                                           November 14, 2016

This week:
Welcome to Moses, Elder Sorenson, back to the bikes, member-perks, and other tender mercies. I guess.

Before I forget, I mailed that package of stuff to the Ranch. It should be there today, but I'm certain good ol' Mr. Palmer will hold onto it until you guys get there again! Hopefully. There's just a few trinkets in there. One of them is a license plate. We found it while helping clean Teri's place not to long back. Thought about putting a sticker on it that said "State regulation (whatever one legalized weed) is a JOKE!" I remember when Daniel did that right before he came home with the Italian one he had found, only he made fun of the postal system instead. Thought it would be a fun tradition to try myself.

Anyhow, Transfers in and of themselves went relatively smooth. As a last hoorah in Eburg we all went to Super 1 and bought donuts. And I'll tell you, they were good donuts! When the convoy got there I rode with Elders Summit and Hanna, who were both going up North as well. Darrell Vad de Venter from Randall Park ward was driving, so it was nice to catch up with him. 

The transfer routes forked at Quincy, so we got to camp there for about 45 mins. While there I got to meet with the Ephrata crew again, and that was nice! Got to see Elder Painter, Sis. Holmes, and Hermana Juarez again! The rest of the trip went fine, and in no time we were at Moses Lake. Elder Sorenson is a very humble and incredibly innocent fellow from Star Valley, WY. And so far, I can actually say this safely, we get along great! Our personalities line up pretty well. 

We also house with members too! Which is incredibly nice. The Jones are very kind couple, and they've been housing missionaries for about a year now. And the best part is, Sis. Jones makes home-made bread for us! So it's quite nostalgic to say the least. Bro. Jones just got called to be the Spanish branch president, and every morning we get the brief chance to talk about scriptural studies with him. We are also very certain we keep the room they let us stay in in ship-shape condition, and it's probably the best housing I've had on the mission so far! We're also biking again, which will provide with fun winter stories, and there's a great feeling of love in the ward! That, plus everyone in the wards we cover are pretty extroverted, so it's easy to get along with them. 

Specifically we cover 4th and 7th ward. We got the chance to attend ward parties before yesterday, and everyone there was quite welcoming and happy for us to be there.

In terms of work, right now we're teaching a small group of friends who are from China. They're names are Martin, Ian, Mae, and Jason. They work with REC, the local big business, and were first introduced to the Gospel by a work associate. They've been taught everything, and right now we are helping fine-tune their spiritual sensitivity. They will be travelling back to China in December, so we're also helping them prepare for that transition. The first day I was here we straight-up tracted the whole day, so it felt accomplished but nobody let us in. The areas we cover are mostly upper-mid class, so folks don't feel a terrible inclination to hear from us. But they are polite and I feel like I'm going to like it here in Moses Lake!

Funny, I kind of feel secure in the future for the first time in a few months. I actually feel like things are going to go well here. Eburg taught me a whole lot of lessons about...everything. And I'm already starting to see how that is shaping me as a missionary too.

Anyway, good luck with everything in the move, I'll be sure to keep you guys in my prayers. Prayer always goes a long way I've come to find. Still, I really love all you guys have done to help out with everyone. Still, if it wasn't for the Savior we wouldn't be able to do anything. And I'm really looking forward to the season we get to celebrate His birth. A good time in the year to give Thanks too! And it'll going to be a great season, I can already tell!

Love you all!