Monday, October 31, 2016

October 31, 2016

Hey Mom!                                                                                           October 31, 2016

Wow, hearing about Jennifer at the temple was surprising, but also really awesome! (Jennifer is a woman that Michael taught on his mission in Las Vegas prior to going to Washington.) I'm afraid I lost contact with her as soon as I left Henderson. I am super glad to hear that she was going through the temple for her ancestors. Hooray! She's active! I wasn't certain how she fared. Also super glad to hear about Clay and Alayna. The latter of whom I didn't know was serving in the first place. Heh heh, seems like all my best-of-bestest buddies are going to be Spanish speaking. Clay, Mckay, heck, maybe Elias got converted and is serving somewhere South too!

 BTW, when is Mckay reporting? I'll be certain to stay in touch with him while he's out.

 In terms of a Christmas package, there's not much that comes to mind. That Granola you sent me last year (the combo of the PB cups, pretzels, and dried bananas) was dang awesome. But the only thing that comes to mind is maybe a scrap-book of my life. I thought it would be fun to have a brief summary of life up to that point. Other than that, I guess you could surprise me! I'm actually going to be sending a package home soon with some stuff that's no longer needed, and a pair of slacks in desperate need of repair, from repair. You'll see what I mean.

We're doing well! Transfers are around the corner, and the holidays are almost upon us!
This past week was full of odd little surprises. It's hard to pin-point a few of them, but life in E-burg progresses as normal. I did get to go on exchanges with 2nd ward, who covers the campus. And that was fun! Actually getting to talk the Gospel to folks about my age made it a little more comfortable. Cassie and Turk are going to get baptized this next week! And that's exciting. Or at least Cassie is. Turk's only 7, and he finds church boring enough to the point where he doesn't want to be baptized. I can't really blame him for his age, but the really cool part about it is Cassie's been praying for him to find that answer. Shows that she's really devoted to the Gospel enough to want Turk to follow it in his life. But man, you can really tell the change she has in her from the spirit working in her life. She is super ready, and Turk will come around when he does. The last lesson we had was Laws and Ordinances, and to be honest with you, it was kind of rote. Had a hard time feeling after the spirit for a portion of it, but it came back as soon as Elder Ackerman and I, along with Bro. Peacock, bore testimony. That's when it felt like we were doing the right thing. Testimony really helps!

We do have one fun story to share though. So we were walking down the street when a member from Bremerton WA pulled up next to us with the hopes of offering us a $20 for lunch. We're not supposed to take money from members, even from meals, and we explained that to her. But she persisted like heck, and not wanting to make too much of a scene at the moment, I finally succumbed. Tragic, I know. Elder Ackerman was not happy, neither was I. So we carried the 20 around with us for a day and half looking for a homeless guy to give it too. Finally had our chance when we were walking to our dinner appointment on Friday. There was a fellow who looked down-on-his-luck outside the Grocery Outlet, and he had a cardboard sign facing oncoming traffic. So we walked up behind him, and I handed him the 20. We were late, and so we kept walking, but the dude had us stop. By this point we were beyond the cardboard sign he had set up, and we saw that it wasn't a sign, it was home-made agate display. The guy was selling agates on the street. Eventually he gave us a chunk of Ellensburg Blue from his display. Not certain if we got conned, although it was funny to think about, and our dinner actually observed the rock and to a degree told us it was authentic. But I guess either way, we helped the guy out. Knowing Washington we should probably be happy that it wasn't weed or bootlegged Seahawks gear he was selling or something.

We also helped for the Halloween party at the Ward, and that was fun! We got to run one of the games there, and it was fun getting into character with the kids. Reminded a lot of Spooktacular. Good times.

Yeah, that's the highlights of the week. Nothing too fancy. Lots' of walking, lots of clouds. Winter's coming, and soon enough I'll be needing to break out the golashes and coat again. It'll be fun! Not looking forward to any trick-r-treaters this night. College kids probably don't trick-or-treat the same way that kids do. From what we hear, everyone goes to one street to do it. Sad, I know. Whatever happened to the days of Denver? Everyone was out everywhere for Halloween then.

Anyway, I'll include some pictures that should fill in the gaps for the past week. But thanks again for all you guys do for us. We wouldn't be able to do it without everyone's love from back home. By the way, what address do you want me to send the package too? Not certain if it'll be Vegas or the Ranch. Still! Looking forward to hear from you guys again, super excited about the move and all!

 Love you all!