Monday, September 19, 2016

September 19, 2016

Hey Mom!                                                                                           September 19, 2016

This week:
semester's back, country walks, things are working!, and learning to teach...again.

I thought the change of furniture between my old room and the office actually looked pretty nice! Funny to think that we're going to be leaving town. But you know, the only thing I'll miss the most are the people, and Vegas is just a hop over the desert from St. George.

Meanwhile in Ellensburg, CWU's fall semester started up. And it's been....funny. And odd, and a little bit of weird too. I remember back in 2013 we had this one assembly at Palo where at the end some dude in a chicken suite ran out to mid-court just as the opening cord of the Harlem shake started to shake the gym, and before we knew it the whole place turned into the biggest mosh-pit I've ever seen. Well, Central has a similar feel. There's no giant-mosh pits (on the steets at least), but there are a lot of drunk guys wandering around downtown, rather skimpily dressed ladies, and if 2nd ward elders are to be believed, a group of green-clad people chanting "GREEN!" going down the campus. Funny, talking to the cashier at the grocery this morning and she was telling us they had to call in a noise complaint for the party life upstairs. And I'm dead certain that's the least of it all...

Yeah, college life. Is this the destiny of our generation? Because we'll at least go down laughing if it comes to it. Oh boy...

Still, we had a lot of miracles rain on us this last week! We contacted the referral we received from sis. Haysom, and she introduced us to her friend Cassie. It was super cool, because Cassie has actually been coming to church for the past few weeks, and I always assumed she was another member! She wants to be baptized, along with her 2nd-grade year old son. OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH SNAP! And they have the best member fellow-shippers ever too!

A few days later we faced a transportation predicament; our dinner appointment was our in the country and so was 2nd wards. So we had to get dropped off with enough time for them to make it. Bottom line, we walked down the highway for a solid hour and a half, knocking on whatever door we came across. And rather tragically, no one was interested. Nuts. Well, Bro. Walker, our dinner, picked us up en route from work anyway and we had a nice meal with them. And then mid way through that, we got a referral from a less-active member named Mike Budschat. And he also said we could come by Sunday to meet them! Go humanity!

Tyler's out of town to Mt. St. Helens for the week. We called him and lifted the no-meat deal, and we think he understands that his own testimony needs to stem from his own heart, not to us abstaining from meat. We'll keep in contact. After Zone conference on Thursday, which took us to Yakima, nothing else happened for the remainder of the week. Minus more country-tracting. Come Sunday we got to meet Mike and his friend, Trevor. Trevor is a friend of a recent convert in 3rd ward, and he was at his baptism when he felt the spirit there. Meeting with him was odd. He's got good questions, and we spent the first visit going over them. I recognized mid-way that it has been a decent while since I had actually taught, and I felt pretty rusty. Still, Trevor is a great guy! And we have high hopes for his progression. He too has a solid fellowship background, he and Mike's daughter are head-over-heels for each other and she wants to get back into church. Turns out they too have been coming for a few weeks now!

My concern for rusty teaching was soon addressed as well. En-route to Trevor's lesson, we came to an intersection and Elder Ackerman felt like we should go left instead of right. 'Didn't really see a threat in any way, so we took it, and walking down someone caught up to us to talk to us. He introduced himself as Oliver, and asked if we could come over to talk to him! Well, 'olee crud. Saw him after Trevor, and we talked a good amount on family history, the nature of the Godhead, and the role of the Holy Ghost too! And we didn't feel panicked in any way talking to him either. He's Greek Orthodox, and a super nice guy, seen a lot of nasty stuff in the past and never gave up on faith. And he accepted a Restoration pamphlet as well!

Yeah, things improved greatly just this past week! I think we're starting to see the light side of hill in Ellensburg. Still, always keep you guys in mind. Tell everyone hi and give my best wishes to Tom and Evan too! They're awesome.

Love you!

PS loved your insight on Charity. It's true, it really is! Charity and Pride are absolute opposites, and we have a duty to be charitable to all men everywhere.