Monday, April 25, 2016

April 25, 2016

Hey Mom!

I'm on time restriction here, so I will make this as short but as detailed as possible. But yes, I know Tyler Reese, briefly. Sounds like Makayla's dream of marrying a valley boy is coming true. I'm not going to lie that threw me a curve ball to hear she's engaged already. What about my good cousin Maddie? Is she looking around yet?

Mason is getting married too eh? Wow, people moving on in the family. That was odd to hear. But at the same time I feel very happy for him too!

Geeze, seems like the world is spinning so quickly back home. Out here, the work progresses. Remember the guy who pulled us over and asked for a pamphlet? We had a lesson with him and his wife that went incredibly well! We were able to help answer their questions and in the end they'd say that they'd read the Book of Mormon to know if it was true. In fact, Alva (that's his name, his wife is Bertha) would say he'd be baptized if he came to know it was true! Go Humanity!

We also had an amazing lesson with a younger couple named Jason and Eliana. She has a million questions, but she's asking them so she can learn more and find answers. We got to meet with them twice and they also committed to start reading the Book of Mormon as well to know of it's truth. I'm certain they'll come to know themselves!

Did a good move-in. One of the members enlisted our help in moving a friend of his brother-in-laws into town. She was extremely grateful for that. She had an average-size moving truck unpacked into a single-wide trailer,  so there was a lot of taken-room when we were through. We asked if the ward would like to come back and help her organize, and she said that she would love that! So we brought it up on Sunday, and we should be getting around to help her out as well.

In other news, got a voter-information pamphlet this week in the mail. It wasn't too shocking to see how it was written. You could tell that a lot of the background information written in 1st person by the candidate was written by political scientists instead. Shocker there. Kaische seemed about the only competent one there. Meh. That's not our concern as of right now.

 With regards to P90X, I was asking if it would be alright to send the original. But Elder Myers got them in the mail yesterday, so we're actually all good on that. Thanks anyway!

Sounds like you guys have been doing a lot of travel! Glad to hear everyone's been staying safe despite it., Anyway, take care, I'll actually be writing more on Thursday hopefully, that's when our temple trip is. It's going to be so amazing! I love the spirit the House of the Lord brings. You can't really find that sense of humility and peace anywhere else.

Anyway, love you all!

Elder Camit