Wednesday, March 9, 2016

March 7, 2016

Hey Mom!

I really liked the picture you sent! It was nice to see everyone smiling and all that. I still find it odd to think about home back in Vegas just because of the other-worldliness that the city offers in comparison to the quite Kanab-like feel of Ephrata. 

Anyway, this week:
On date for the 19th, deeper studies, handing the helm to the spirit, and the night of the night-crawlers!

But the work this week had definite improvement over the last week. Elder Allen and I thought so, and so we conclude it that. We did do a whole lot of finding though. I'll probably owe Elder Beatty for teaching me on how to get over talking to people in a significant way, because it's definitely helped. The Spanish tid-bits assist us as well. But this week we had a total of 31 street contacts, which is roughly better than the average 12 that Elder Allen told me we got before I came in.

The members still treat us awesome though! Bishop had us over for dinner Monday and he invited our most solid investigator, John, for it. John is co-habitating with his Girl friend, Ashley, she being a member. He's got such a strong spirit about him, and he has a sincere and earnest desire to do more to come unto Christ. We met with him later on during the week at his home. He had talked to Bishop and long story short, they're working on their marriage docs as of this week. OOOHHHH SNAP! And to add more to it, we set him on date for the 19th. OOOHHHHH DOUBLE SNAP! It's great because even though I've only been here two weeks now, I feel like I've already connected well enough with John and Ashely to lend a hand to this part of their eternal progression.

Go humanity!

I've also started to keep a study journal. Preach my Gospel recommends it, so I picked up one of those seminary-issue study journals from Elder Allen. It definitely helps, even though I'm not the best at it. Still, I've come to make a few deeper finds with regards to the scriptures. I'll share an insight or two later.

We also had a neat experience going door to door. We hit another one of those "nothing's working" moments. So we decided the best thing we could do was go off the spirit and start walking. When we approached an intersection, we usually turned whichever way it felt would be best, and we did. At one point we were standing in the middle of an intersection, and before I could answer which way to turn, I found myself turning left almost automatically. Spirit's pretty cool! Well, the first door we tracted into was a gentlemen by the name of Joseph who is going through some hard times with his grandson. We talked to him, and we found out that we had caught him on his one day off in the past long while. We gave him a Book of Mormon and testified that it helped build and rebuild our families. He accepted it, and while we may never see him again due to his schedule, we definitely felt that a good seed had been sown in good ground.

On a more fun note, it rained real hard a few nights back, and the next day the ground was covered in dry worms. If I was uncle Gus, chances are I would've gathered them up for bait. But even then, they were more like worm jerky by the time we got out.

Ok, maybe that wasn't the best note to end on, but it was a fun experience. I guess. Anyway, love you all! I really appreciate the testimony that you sent Mom, and if there's anyone else reading this I'm just going to come out and say how much I love my dear Mother. Because I do!

Anyway, love you!